Marco, uncut Broke Straight Latino Boy

I know a lot of people love uncut guys so here is one. His name is Marco, 21 years old from Florida. He did this solo last year for us. I like his look and mostly his hair, I think it’s hot and sexy. I hope we get to see more of him in the future on Broke Straight Boys. I’m myself uncut and I also love uncut guys. Not only Marco is uncut but he’s also Latino! That’s a double yummy to me hehe I would LOVE to see that hot uncut cock in one of our straight boys ass. I’ll ask David if Marco is scheduled for another shoot with Broke Straight


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WTF is that?! Troll alert!

It looks like it’s official, Trollito loves
Broke Straight

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Broke Straight Boys Giovanni and Jordan’s first blowjob

We have a hot college student in this episode with Jordan :) He’s straight and has a girlfriend. We paired him up with Giovanni who is gay and a big fan of Broke Straight Boys. We asked Jordan if he would take it up the ass but he said he wasn’t comfortable with the idea. I think both guys are pretty good looking with very nice bodies. Now I would really like to see curly hair Jordan get fucked in the ass, that’d be something to see. I’m usually not into young looking guys but this one turns me on.


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Aggressive top on Broke Straight Boys

All I gotta say is “HOT fucking damn!”. That’s a nice way to start the week for me. I love hot aggressive sex and I remembered Anthony from one of our episodes at Broke Straight Boys, so I decided to post it today. I love this guy’s tattoo, I think it’s very sexy. Anthony moans and grunts a lot, the way I like it! I hate when guys just don’t make any noise, how fucking boring. I also love the way he fucks. Check out the video preview below, and see how he fucks Michael. HOT HOT HOT. Now that’s how a Straight guy should drill an ass. This episode got me all horny already and it’s not even 9am hehe lol I hope you like this episode :) You can check the full video at Broke Straight We now have a 1 day trial for $1.


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Broke Straight Boys FREE access?

Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of emails these past days from people asking me to send them a free access to Broke Straight Boys. Sorry but this is ridiculous. NO I do not giveaway access to the site for free! Even though I work from Broke Straight Boys, I still can’t give free access. So please stop asking me. Membership for this site starts at $1, come on! It’s ONE BUCK, one dollar, 100 cents. Just $1 for 3 days. If you don’t like it, just cancel within the 3 days, that’s it. So please please, don’t ask me again. Here, I made a coupon, just use it and jack off on some good exclusive content :)

Exclusive: Our newest Straight boy

Today I got really excited. I received the new exclusive pictures for the upcoming episode updates for Broke Straight Boys. Here is another Dustin, red hair from top to bottom. He’s got a reaaaaallllly nice dick, probably about 8 good inches, not internet inches lol I know I’ll be using him on promotional materials for the site. I’m sorry but I can’t post any more pictures or videos :( Members have to see them first, sorry. But I’ll post a video preview next month. Enjoy this picture for now, or if you’re already a member of Broke Straight Boys then click here to log in.


Fun 3 way at Broke Straight Boys

Howdy people who read my blog :) Today, I’m adding this episode with 2 gay guys, Sean and Jake and a straight boy, Tommy. I chose this video from Broke Straight Boys cos it’s hilarious. These guys are fun together and the intro is pretty entertaining. Look who’s got a boner (see picture below) the straight guy LOL Not so straight after all huh? hehe Oh well, who cares? I sure don’t as long as they entertain me :) This is one of our oldest videos (2007), and for some reason, only this episode doesn’t have high quality pictures, so I had to grab screenshots from the video. If you care to watch this whole movie, just check the site :) Broke Straight We now have a $1 trial so you can definitely check it out.


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Broke Straight Boys Austin and CJ

Sometimes we ask the members who they want to see together, and this time, it happens to be Austin and CJ. Also, there was going to be an auction at the end of the shoot in the members forums and the winner gets the blue sheets and the guys’ underwear :) CJ is getting it good in this episode. I don’t know if Austin is looking for oil, but he sure drills CJ’s ass really deep lol This was the guys’ first time together and I know they’ll be back in a few months, but I’m not sure when. Below is a picture of Austin signing the Auction Winner’s sheets. I would never bid on something like that but hey, to each his own. We got tons of episodes with Austin. He started Straight, but i think now he’s on the fence lol Check out Broke Straight if you want to watch the whole thing.


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Broke Straight Boys in Mosaic

Here is a wallpaper of the Broke Straight Boys logo I made. I took several galleries of pictures from various episodes and put them all together and here’s the result :) I thought it was kinda cool.

Broke Straight Boys Mosaic

Angel and Mauricio: 2 Hot Broke Straight Latinos

I know some of you have been wanting to see some of our Latinos so here you go :) We got Broke Straight Boys Mauricio and Angel, 2 uncut Latinos , double yummy. This episode is a bit older. I love Hispanics, and when they’re as hot as Mauricio, fuck fuck fuck! And I know some of you like uncut guys so enjoy this preview :) There are several episodes with Mauricio inside the members area, so if you’re interested in watching this full movie or the others, here’s a link to Broke Straight We have now a $1 trial special, I’m not sure for how long though so join now and check out this video.


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