Is Broke Straight Boys really $1?

I received a few emails lately (thanks guys :) about Broke Straight Boys’ trial for $1. They are all asking me if it is really $1. So I thought about posting today and let you know that yes, it is really $1. What’s the catch? none whatsoever! We want you to try Broke Straight Boys before you become a monthly subscriber, that’s all. You’re only paying $1 because we are sure that you’ll love our content so much and that you’ll want to stay with us for a long time at the regular price. That’s why we’re giving you the $1 deal just to try it out :)


Well I designed Broke Straight Boys 7 years ago and I’m the one updating it every 2 days. So I know exactly what’s inside the members area. We’ve been adding new episodes to the site 3 times a week for the past 7 years so imagine the size of our members area (982 exclusive videos and still going strong :)
Just be careful though, there are a lot of other websites out there that give the same deal, and most of them have shit content :(
We’re proud of Broke Straight Boys, we are the original website. We see a lot of copycats out there, and trust me, they don’t even have enough content for you to jack off on… Broke Straight Boys is all exclusive content shot BY US! 982+ episodes with over 605 straight guys and a bunch of FREE access to our other websites :)
By the way, if you decide to join the site, hit the forums and look for me. I’m an admin and my username is Scorpio :)
Thanks for the emails guys, and keep them coming if you need to know anything else.

BY THE WAY: Not only you can join Broke Straight Boys for $1, but you can also try all our other websites for $1 as well:





  1. rawl collins says:

    hi i wood like to join u i love men dick

  2. That’s mmm good I guess? lol

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