Jona the Broke Straight Amish Boy

I don’t know if you guys know Taz, but he’s one hot latino guy. This shoot is pretty hot except for that guy “billy”, I’m really not crazy about him, and everytime I have to use these pictures for work, I always cut him out lol I know, I know, That’s mean. Anyway, we have an Amish guy, Jona. He’s average looking. What turns me on is the fact that he’s never had a cock in the ass, and you gotta watch him, he looks like he’s gonna cry when Taz pounds him. Poor little guy lol The sad part is that he’s back to his community. Oh well, at least, we were the first and only to get him on camera :) Check out Broke Straight if you want to watch the whole video. It’s only $1.


You can watch the full movie (32 minutes)
at Broke Straight for only $1.00


  1. Loverboy says:

    I would totally fuck farmer boy! I saw Taz in another episode somewhere, he’s fucking hot.

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