3 way with Kevin, Ridge and Nathan

This is the latest update from Broke Straight Boys, a hot 3way with Kevin, Ridge and Nathan. First of all, Nathan! WTF were you thinking man? In this episode, he’s wearing an underwear that could be used for a Pampers ad LMAO Sorry but that’s a very lame underwear for a straight guy(?). Stop having your mom pick them up for you and be a man. Anyway, they’re still fucking hot, and if I had to choose, I’d pick Ridge (middle guy) I think. He looks like he could be a lot of fun. Nathan gets fucked, and RIDGE gets fucked too :) Check the video preview I made below.


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Would you do Zac Efron?

New Shirtless Pictures of Zac on the set of his new movie: The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Ok I gotta say, I never was interested in him before, I thought he was too “Disney”, and all the High School Musical crap was too lame for me. But HOT DAMN this boy turned into a man quick. These new pictures of him shirtless are very hot, now he got all my attention! It looks like he’s got a nice bulge too, it doesn’t look HUGE but it sure does look like a lot of fun hehe
Zach Efron ShirtlessZach Efron Shirtless

Chasen, Mike and Michael at Broke Straight Boys

Hey guys, how was your week end? I spent mine working on a new site, can’t mention the name yet hehe Today was very busy too, but  the day is almost over and I can’t wait to go to bed :) So here is the episode for today: Chasen, Mike and Michael. It just came out in the members area today too. Chasen is our new straight boy, he’s got a thick cock and I wouldn’t mind getting a taste of it hehe He has a very masculine look, and the tats are pretty hot too. Mike and Michael are cool  and they sure make this episode pretty fun.


WHO gets fucked?
Check out the video preview to find out :)

I was a little silly when I made that preview and I added some sound effect, the videos inside the members area doesn’t have sound effect so don’t worry lol I figure it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want :) hehe Anyway, enjoy this video.


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Broke Straight Boys Caleb and Scott

Hey guys, it’s Saturday!! sweeeeet. Well actually not sure why I’m saying this cos I gotta work this week end hehe. Yesterday we got a storm here in Dallas, and we lost power from 4am to 6pm :( I didn’t have the car either so it was a day from hell. no TV, no computer, no light, nothing, 88 degrees inside the house and of course all by myself, I thought I was gonna go crazy. We do rely on electricity, it’s unbelievable. So today I got lots of work to do. Anyway, Here is a little preview of our newest episode, Broke Straight Boys Caleb and Scott. At first, when I saw Caleb, I didn’t care for him too much, but once he got undressed and saw his body, I actually changed my mind. A bit hairy, nice body shape, I’d let him do me hehe. Now Scott is very cute, and I’m sure all you tops would like to get your hands on him lol Anyway, this is a very nice episode, fun interview, good fucking and ass slapping. Enjoy…


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Logan finally gets FUCKED!

This episode is FRESH guys! It just came out today (Tuesday 19th) and that IS one fucking hell of a video. Logan gets fucked for the first time! Yep, our famous Logan  is bottoming for the first time on Broke Straight Boys. This episode is so great to watch for various reasons. The interview is really fun, from Tyler’s funny comments to Cj’s pissed off face lol You can tell Logan is really anxious about getting up the ass hehe. I’m very happy with how this video came out. Fun, hot fucking, great cumshots and mmmm yeah Logan’s getting fucked for the first time! LOL Sorry I’m just excited about it.

Check out this video preview I just made. After working for Broke Straight Boys for 4 years now, I know some our straight boys very well, and I gotta say, in this episode, Tyler, Logan and CJ did awesome. If you have 1 dollar to spend, trust me, Broke Straight Boys is the website to try :)

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Broke Straight Boys Phoenix (the solo shoot)

Phoenix is back again on Broke Straight Boys for another shoot and it has been a very long time since we last talked or seen him. He had been traveling around for work, and trying to make as much money as he could get his hands on to pay the bills. He was tired of doing shoots with guys, because he isn’t gay and doesn’t want to do that any more. We explained to him that we had some work with girls lined up for him, but of course he disappeared and we had no way of getting a hold of him. I hope that he will stay with us for a while and we can get several shoots with this hunk. Phoenix has one amazing body and look at him in his undies, he’s fucking hot.


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Broke Straight Boys: Dustin vs Austin

I thought about having some kind of weekly Broke Straight Boys faceoff just for fun, so I’m starting this one :) Last week, me and a few members of Broke Straight Boys revisited some episodes with Austin and Dustin, 2 of our hottest straight boys. I mentioned several times in previous posts that Austin was my boy, Dustin’s hot but my dick points toward Austin. Now here is a question: Which one of them would you fuck? I would FUCK Austin (while Dustin fucks me hehe) and most of our members would fuck him as well, what about you? The poll is below the picture ;) If you want to watch videos of these 2 straight boys, just give us a try, the trial is $1 for 3 days.


New: Broke College Boys with Aaron, jordan and Justin

I am very proud this morning to show you our new website Broke College Boys. I have been working on it for the past 4 months and I gotta say, it’s been quite interesting. This is our very first website with HD content and I’m very excited about it. Design wise, it has been a challenge for me and I had to redo the designs 3 times, just because I didn’t like what I had done at first, but now I’m very satisfied with the final product :) This first preview is with Aaron, Jordan and Justin. Very attracted guys. It was Justin’s birthday that day so we decided to make it a birthday shoot hehe Why not start a new site with a big bang. So here you go, I really hope you like the design. You can always email me and let me know what you think about it :) Steve (at) thisblogisgay.com

Broke College Boys Aaron, Jordan and Justin

Broke Colelge Boys Aaron, Jordan and Justin

Broke College Boys

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Broke Straight Boys Zakk fucked by roomate Kyler

It’s been a week since we saw Broke Straight Boys Zakk and Kyler on our famous futon. Their first shoot was pretty much all sucking and jacking off, but this week, we wanted them to fuck. We figured Zakk would fuck Kyler but nope, we were wrong! When we asked them, Zakk let us know that HE wanted to get fucked by Kyler. Alrighty then, that was even better. Zakk is a hot filipino with a smoking lean body and watching him get fucked is such a fucking turn on to me. This episode just came out today (August 15) so here is a little preview of the interview.


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