Broke College Boys Hunter and Jasper

Alright guys, first of all, I’d like to announce that the membership for Broke College Boys starts NOW at $1.00 instead of $3.96! I’m very excited and I hope some of you will take that opportunity to check the website out :) It’s really worth it, the content is all exclusive, we shoot it ourselves, but most of all, it’s all in HD (high definition). Today we have Hunter and Jasper. They pretty much do it all in this episode, kiss, suck, fuck… My favorite part is when they kiss while fucking, that’s hot to me. Anyway, I gotta get back to work, so check this episode out and hopefully you’ll want to pay Broke College Boys a visit :)


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Jacob and Jeremy at Broke Straight Boys

Hello guys, I took some time this morning to post a little video preview of Broke Straight Boys Jeremy and Jacob. Jacob is Straight or “gay for pay” like we call them now, and Jeremy is Gay. They are both cute guys, though Jeremy’s haircut reminds me of a monk lol I like this new episode. Jacob’s got a nice cock, probably an 8 or 9 inches. Jeremy’s the lucky one! he takes it like a monk, or champ hehe. Watch the video preview I made below or visit Broke Straight Boys and join for $1.00.


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Gino and Shane from Broke Straight Boys

Let me introduce you to Gino our 21 year old, broke straight boy from Argentina who is visiting the US to go to school on a swimming scholarship. This guy is fucking hot! We don’t have a lot of Latinos on Broke Straight Boys but when we do, they sure are hot as hell. Gino’s got a nice UNCUT cock! He’s with Shane today, one of our famous “Gay for Pay” straight boy. Our members are already going crazy over Gino and we really hope to see more of him really soon. In this episode, our guys are sucking each other’s cock, and for Gino, let’s say that for his first time, he got a good “taste” of it. Join Broke Straight Boys and watch Shane cum in Gino’s mouth.


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Ridge and Josh at Broke Straight Boys

Morning guys! It’s Saturday, and no week end for me :( I have tons of banners to make. It finally stopped raining here in Dallas! The sun is even out! wow lol Today, I’m posting Ridge and Josh from Broke Straight Boys. They shot for us once before but it was just a jack off scene. Today our straight “gay for pay” guys are back for some more action… Josh fucks Ridge. I like these guys, but Ridge is more my type. Anyway, enjoy the preview and maybe see you in the members area soon :)


Broke Straight Boys Trial $1

Broke Straight Boys trial $1



This is THE “ORIGINAL” Broke Straight Boys. Hot straight guys having gay sex for money. And it only costs $1 for 3 days. So many copycats tried to copy Broke Straight Boys, without much success. Our website has been online for 4 years now and has so far 985 REAL exclusive episodes featuring more than 600 straight guys. All our episodes are shot by us. Broke Straight Boys is updated up to 3 times a week.


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Broke Straight Boys Diesal and Drew

Good morning guys. I just woke up and thought I’d post something before I get to work :) Yesterday was an insane day! A hard drive on one of our servers crashed. So we had to work like crazy to get Broke Straight Boys back on. Thank god for backups! Anyway, today should be calmer but I still have tons of work to do. So who do we have today? Broke Straight Boys Diesel and Drew. To tell you the truth, I was not excited about them but for some reason, though a lot of our members love them. I find them too “nice” when they fuck, and it bores me a little. I like when they’re more “aggressive”. But here’s a preview so you can check it out, and if you like it, check out Broke Straight Boys, the trial starts at $1 for 3 days.


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Hot Tub Fun at Broke College Boys

Good morning guys, It’s Monday and this is going to be a very busy week for me. I got a bunch of banners to make from 2 of our sites :( Busy busy busy. I introduced our newest website Broke College Boys a while ago, and I’m posting today another episode. First, I’d like to mention that the guys at Broke College Boys are GAY. People seem to think that the guys are straight, but nope. The straight guys are over at Broke Straight Boys, not Broke College Boys hehe Just wanted to point it out. So who do we have today? Max, Cj, Lucky and Blake in a hot tub. I like this episode, I think Steve our photographer for this site did a great job! Check out the video below :) I need to get back to work. Enjoy!


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Luke at College Boy Physicals

Today I’m posting our latest episode from College Boy Physicals, and yes this is one of our websites as well. I designed College Boy Physicals right after Broke Straight Boys, years ago. This is a “Fantasy” gay website. Hot college guys going for their physicals and they actually get abused by the doctors. The content is all exclusive, and it’s shot by David, who also shoots all of our Broke Straight Boys episodes ;) So I don’t have to tell you that the quality of the videos is awesome. Today we have Luke visiting Dr Toppinbottom lol Luke has a bad boy look that I absolutely like, and even though he drives a fucking Vespa scooter lol he still turns me on. Check out the pictures and the videos below.

College Boy Physicals - Fantasy Gay website!


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Ace and Tyler at Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys Ace and Tyler are on the famous couch today. Ace did a shoot with us before but it was pretty much all jack-off; this time, we wanted more. We knew Tyler would be a great match so we invited both guys. We offered Ace $1200 to get fucked, and after some hesitations, accepted the offer. Who would spit on $1200 nowadays anwyay? I love when it’s their first time getting fucked. Seeing their face as they get penetrated just fucking turns me on and it’s what happened with Ace, he sure took it like a champion. You go girl!!! I mean Man! lol Visit Broke Straight Boys.


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Luke and Cody at Broke Straight Boys

Hey guys, How is your Labor day week end? Mine had been great so far! Not only it’s Labor day week end but today Broke Straight Boys is celebrating 5 years :) I can’t believe it’s been online for 5 years already. I’m loving it. Even though I’m pretty busy today, I’m posting our latest episode, Broke Straight Boys Luke and Cody. This is one hot video. Cody is 6′ tall and skinny, no wonder he’s a basketball player. As for Luke, he’s an 18 years old gymnastic. 2 athletic guys, and trust me, they give us one hell of a show. Cody is straight but you can tell from the interview that he could cross over lol As for Luke, he’s bi. Join Broke Straight Boys if you want to watch the full video and again Happy Birthday Broke Straight Boys!


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