Broke Straight Boys Preston, Mike and Jordan

I FUCKING love this episode. After designing hundreds of porn sites, I don’t get hard that easily. Things have to be really interesting for me to even get a “semi”, but this episode got my dick so hard. The guys are hot and the setting got me interested right away. I’m a voyeur, I love to watch! and in this video, Mike is sitting on a chair, watching Jordan fucking Preston. This turns me on but it’s not all, Jordan turned into a fucking machine and tore Preston’s ass apart. You gotta watch it, I put it in the preview below. If this doesn’t make you horny, I don’t get it :) Click here to visit Broke Straight Boys.


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Straight boy takes a load off at BoyGusher

Boy Gusher
Boy Gusher is a new site that I designed :) It’s from the same guys that produce Broke Straight Boys and Broke College Boys. In fact, when you join Boy Gusher you get access to Broke College Boys for free!


Austin and Dustin – Broke Straight Boys

I AM FUCKING HORNY! LOL here I said it! I woke up horny, did nothing about it so yeah I’m still horny :) In this video, I’ll skip all the blah blah and go straight to the fucking. Some of you may already know our famous Broke Straight Boys Austin and Dustin. They’re back today in this episode and someone’s getting fucked; ok it’s Austin! What a surprise lol Still, he takes it really well, and I love him :) We had the possibility to interview him recently and I’m going to add that “special” interview next week in the member area. You shouldn’t miss it :) Enjoy this video, I gotta take care of something hehe


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Broke College Boys Danny and Caleb

Shower time baby! hehe We got some hot broke college boys today, Danny and Caleb. Ok first of all, people are getting confused between our 2 sites: Broke STRAIGHT boys and Broke COLLEGE Boys. The first one features STRAIGHT guys, the second one features COLLEGE guys, gay or straight. People automatically assumes that Broke College Boys is all about straight guys, but nope, they can be either gay or straight. :) Anyway, Jason, our photographer for Broke College Boys found this amazing place with a very nice shower. That’s what I love about this site, each episode is filmed in a different location! But most of all, all the videos are in High Definition, what else can you ask huh? hehe Enjoy this preview…


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Broke Straight Boys Marlin and Dylan

Howdy guys! I hope you had a great Halloween week end. We didn’t do much here but watch movies, and I also had to work this week end. I can’t believe I haven’t posted any new episodes in weeks :( Sorry, I was way too busy. Things finally slowed down so I’m sure I’ll be updating the blog often this week. Anyway, today I’m posting some of our latest models, Broke Straight Boys Marlin and Dylan. Marlin is sooo not my type, and I’m sorry that I make fun of him in the video lol BUT I’m digging Dylan a lot so the reason why I’m still posting it today. Dylan’s not the typical pretty boy type but he’s got some charm, something sexy about him. What do you think? Enjoy this preview and maybe see you inside the members area :)


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