Xmas Orgy at Broke College Boys!

Santa Claus is cumming to town! We finally got the Xmas orgy ready. Jason, our photographer for Broke College Boys really did an awesome job! He gathered 8 of our hottest college boys for this ALL ORIGINAL Xmas episode. If you haven’t joined Broke College Boys, I really suggest you do it cos this is an episode you shouldn’t miss AT ALL. Plus this video was a BITCH to edit! So you better enjoy it!!!!!! lol I’ve had soo many problems with this video. For some reasons, we couldn’t have it to play. Well it would play but only the sound, no picture.. so it took us 3 days to figure out how to make it work :( But oh well, we’re all good now and this update is ready to go, so treat yourself, it’s only $1. At least check us out for a few days :) Here’s a preview for the Xmas Orgy. Watch the FULL movie here.

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Xmas Orgy - Broke College BoysDon’t miss one of the hottest episode of the year
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Chad, Anthony and Jacob at Boy Gusher

Hey guys, I figured today I would post an episode from BoyGusher. I haven’t posted one and I received a few emails from surfers asking me to post some so here you go :) I chose Chad, Anthony and Jacob… You might recognize them, they are ex-straight guys from Broke Straight Boys. They finally switched team :) So now we have them on Boy Gusher. Anthony and Jacob are going to work on Anthony’s cock. BoyGusher is all about the cock. Hot cum explosion everywhere :) This episode is kinda kinky, Anthony gets tied up to the bed while he’s getting his cock pleasured. Watch this preview I made for you below, and if you want to see more, click here to join Boy Gusher… As usual this site is only $1 for 3 days so try it out :)


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Preston, Zach and Kyler: Broke Straight Boys

Well this is the last shoot from our old studio. As some of you already know, we’re expending Broke Straight Boys :) We have a new location, way bigger than the old one, which will make the shoots much easier. Better lighting, more space… We’re happy and cannot wait to show you guys the new studio :) So for our finale,  we asked Straight boys Preston, Kyler and Zakk to do a scene together. I love those guys, they’re very fun to deal with. And Kyler’s hair *sigh*, I’d love to pound his ass while grabbing to his hair, fuck yeah! :) Anyway, enjoy this episode and maybe see you inside the members area :) (If you do join, look up for me in the message board, I’m Scorpio)


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Broke Straight Boys CONTEST!

BROKE STRAIGHT BOYS CONTEST “Become a director for a day”! This is your chance to meet David, our photographer and the models. The winner will be flown to our studios/office here in South Florida. Airfare will be provided, two night stay in the Ft.Lauderdale airport Hilton and food will be provided. The winner will have the opportunity to film a scene, meet and mingle with the models, take a tour of the office and studio and live the life of a pornographer for two days! All the details can be found in the BSB forums.
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Broke Straight Boys new members area

I spent last week redoing the members area for our site Broke Straight Boys. I made it wider (960 pixels) and added a few things like some “Behind the scenes” videos. The new members area has been online for a few days now and we’re very happy with all the positive feedbacks we received so far. Check out the picture below :) Broke Straight Boys membership only starts at $1
Broke Straight Boys Members Area

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