Preston, Zach and Kyler: Broke Straight Boys

Well this is the last shoot from our old studio. As some of you already know, we’re expending Broke Straight Boys :) We have a new location, way bigger than the old one, which will make the shoots much easier. Better lighting, more space… We’re happy and cannot wait to show you guys the new studio :) So for our finale,  we asked Straight boys Preston, Kyler and Zakk to do a scene together. I love those guys, they’re very fun to deal with. And Kyler’s hair *sigh*, I’d love to pound his ass while grabbing to his hair, fuck yeah! :) Anyway, enjoy this episode and maybe see you inside the members area :) (If you do join, look up for me in the message board, I’m Scorpio)


Join us at Broke Straight Boys.
It’s only $1 :)

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