Broke Straight Boys in HD: Chasen and Diesel

HD quality is here! Party time, or jack off time!!!! hehe We’ve had a few problems with the lighting at first so that’s why the video looks a bit yellowish, but it’s all fixed now so the future episodes will look better. Still, HD is awesome, the new video size is absolutely great. But if you have a slower internet connection, no worries, you can still see our videos, we have several different sizes. This is a big step for and I really hope our members love it. I guess we’ll know very soon once they post what they think on our message board :) Anyway, here is our famous HOT Diesel, and Chasen. I love Diesel’s lean body, he’s just so fricking adorable, and his cock is really nice too, so enjoy this video and hopefully you decide to join us. Click here to visit
PS: This video preview has been rendered for THIS blog only, the videos inside the members area are MUCH BETTER QUALITY :)

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Broke Straight Boys in HD quality

Lee, Shane and Damien: Broke Straight Boys

This is the last non-HD episode for Broke Straight Boys! This coming Thursday (April 1st), all our future episodes will be in HD. Today we have Lee, Shane and Damien. I just noticed that it’s the first time I post an episode with Damien in it, and I wonder why cos I really like him :) So here he is with 2 other hot guys. Shane that you probably know already and Lee, a new guy. Lee’s got a long dick, and Damien will be the one getting it. Fun Fun Fun, or Ouch Ouch Ouch lol Here’s a video preview below as usual, and if you want to watch the FULL LENGTH Video, CLICK HERE :) The access is only $1 for 1 day, and after that, if you like what you see, you just pay the regular price. But if for some reasons, you don’t like Broke Straight Boys, then cancel your account, it’s that simple :)


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My new pictures

Howdy guys! It’s Saturday, the weather is awesome here in Dallas, it’s warm but very very windy, the way I like it. I’ve been working for the most part, watched some TV, and then decided to take some new pictures of myself. I hate taking pictures of me cos I usually can’t find one that I like, but anyway, I decided to go for it and well, I found like 2-3 that I kinda liked, so I photoshopped them. They make me look Enigmatic…. and weird, that too LOL Now I need to get back to work, Broke Straight Boys in HD is coming out in 3 days!!!! I got lots of work to do… See ya guys.

Tyler, Derek and Corey at Broke Straight Boys

Well well well, It’s been so long since I last posted a video :( Sorry guys, I got so much to do at work that it’s really hard to post anything nowadays. We got HUGE plans for Broke Straight Boys. First, HD is coming on March 31st!!!!! YAY finally! I’m very excited about it. Our members are all excited too. I already watched some Broke Straight Boys HD videos and I’m really impressed. Anyway, meanwhile, here is a video of Tyler, Derek and Corey. Very colorful “palette” today; Tyler is bi, Derek is straight and Corey is gay :) So enjoy this video and don’t forget to join the best website EVER!! :) hehe CLICK HERE to join Broke Straight Boys, it’s only $1.


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