$1 trial Broke Straight Boys – Jayce, Sean and Leon

Today’s my day off! I’m not doing anything today but just relax. Our latest video on Broke Straight Boys is with our new boy Leon, members love him, then Sean and our sexy boy Jayce. I love Jayce. Have you seen his smile? It’s hard not to fall for it :) Anyway, Jayce was our Broke Straight Boys on the road model. He would go to clubs, events, and promote Broke Straight Boys. So of course, we had to ask him to give up the ass for us and get on the Broke Straight Boys futon. That’s what he did :) This is a very nice episode. I’m not too attracted to Sean, his posture reminds me of a gorilla, but he’s still cute, just not my type. My eyes are just focusing on Leon and Jayce right now.

Before the shooting starts, these guys had a lot of fun interacting with each other, and of course, we caught it on camera. Broke Straight Boys is not your typical porn site but I’ll post about this later on cos it deserves its own post :) For right now, enjoy this video, and don’t forget… BrokeStraightBoys.com is only $1.00 to join!


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Cousins Mike and Anthony on Broke Straight Boys

Anthony and Mike, the cousins are back on Broke Straight Boys!!!! That’s an episode you cannot miss. Not only they’re back on our famous futon, but they do it all: Kissing, Sucking, Rimming and Fucking. NO TABOO, these cousins just do it all. It works for me cos I gotta admit, this turns me on :) I never noticed before how big Mike’s cock is. Anthony’s hairy chest is hot as well. I enjoyed this video very much and I’m glad these 2 are back on BSB (Broke Straight Boys), so here’s a little preview, enjoy it :)  Click here to Watch the cousins on BrokeStraightBoys.com ($1 Exclusive TRIAL)


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Broke Straight Boys. Your #1 gay for pay website

Tyler from Broke Straight Boys to BoyGusher.com

Hey guys, TGIF! It’s been a long week. We finally switched all our servers to a new webhost so now all our websites will load much faster YAY! It’s been a bitch though but we finally made it :) Today I’m posting an episode from our latest website: BoyGusher.com. You probably recognize Tyler from Broke Straight boys, and today he’s on BoyGusher with Ethan, hot surfer dude from California (Of course!) It’s all about THE COCK! Sucking and jacking off till they both explode. It’s very sensual, and so fucking hot. Anyway, if you’re a Tyler fan, don’t miss out and join now… BoyGusher is only $1 for 3 days so try it out :)
Tyler from Broke Straight Boys on BoyGusher.comTyler from Broke Straight Boys on BoyGusher.com

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Tristen, Billy, Branson and Blake at Broke College Boys

Today we got a hot 4way on Broke College Boys. Tristen, Blake, Billy and Branson. In this group, I was much more interested in Billy and Branson, the other 2 are not my type. Billy’s body is soooo fucking HOT. His bulge got me excited too. Guys in porn usually wear the saggy/grandpa underwears (don’t ask me why) so seeing Billy with some hot and sexy undies is a breath of fresh air lol Anyway, I like this episode, well only the billy and Branson part. I guess there 2 are ok, but they just don’t do anything for me. Click here to Watch the FULL EPISODE. Broke College Boys starts only at $1.00


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Jake, 19 from Broke Straight Boys

Jake is one of our newest guy on Broke Straight Boys. He’s a 19 years old bi guy from California. He said he experienced with one guy before and liked it (I bet he did! :) Today is his first solo shoot with us. Broke Straight Boys is so much more than just your average porn site. You learn a lot about our models and we always make it so you can see their progress. We always have them do a solo scene first, and then we bring them back for more action. Members love this and you don’t see that in any other porn sites out there, which is probably why we are so successful :) Anyway, enjoy Jake, and if you like him, Join Broke Straight Boys now cos on Monday, we’re putting the video where Jake FUCKS another straight dude. Click here to visit BrokeStraightBoys.com and WATCH Jake’s videos and many more.


Broke Straight Boys. Your #1 gay for pay website

Don’t let Photoshop fool you.

Hey guys, I posted a few pictures of myself a week ago, Click here to see and so far, I’ve received about 10 emails from surfers saying how HOT I am and whatnot… I really appreciate it guys, I mean, who doesn’t want to hear that huh? :) Obviously, those pictures have been photoshoped, so don’t let photoshop fool you, I’m very average looking :) Just wanted to clear that up hehe.

Steve Paris - This Blog is Gay.

Diesal and Dr Topinbottom: College Boy Physicals

You guys probably know Diesal, one of our famous Broke Straight Boys, but if you never heard of him, I have plenty of videos on this blog. Anyway, we got him to do an episode on College Boy Physicals, our other website. In this video, he’s with Shaun aka Dr Topinbottom :) I love Shaun, I think he’s pretty hot. Usually he’s the one fucking college dudes, but this time, he’s the one getting up the ass.  Watch the FULL EPISODE. Click here to join College Boy Physicals for only $1.00

Diesal and Dr Topinbottom

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Diesal and Dr Topinbottom
College Boy Physicals Diesal and Dr Topinbottom

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Richie and Reigner: Broke College Boys

Broke COLLEGE Boys video today :) This update just came out today on BrokeCollegeBoys.com. Richie and Hot fucking damn Reigner! I’m usually not into young guys like him but let me tell you that, I’d make him my bitch anytime! I’d fuck his little ass like there is no tomorrow, yum yum. So yeah, Reigner got me pretty horny hehe This is a pretty hot video, with some good sex on the kitchen counter. If you have a buck to spare, you gotta join and Watch the FULL EPISODE. Click here to join Broke College Boys for only $1.00

Richie and Reigner - Broke College Boys $1 trial

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Richie and Reigner - BrokeCollegeBoys $1 trial

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Broke Straight Boys HD: New boy! Andy

NEW BOY ALERT! We have a hot new boy on Broke Straight Boys! His name is Andy, 5’7, cut and clean as he said lol. He’s a pretty cool guy and this first shoot with him was a blast. He has a girlfriend (a real one :) who doesn’t mind him doing gay for pay porn (Straight guys doing gay porn). I guess she likes $$$ too :) Andy’s good looking, has some very nice blue eyes that you can’t really see in this preview, but if you join and watch the HD video, you’ll see how blue his eyes are. I can’t wait to see him have sex with one of our broke straight boys, it should be HOT. Click here to visit BrokeStraightBoys.com and WATCH Andy’s first shoot.
PS: This video preview has been rendered for THIS blog only, the videos inside the members area are MUCH BETTER QUALITY :)


Broke Straight Boys in HD quality