Josh… A future model for College Boy Physicals?

I just received an email with these pictures, they’re from Josh, a very very cute guy from California who’s been checking out my blog for a few months now (Thanks Josh :) I sent his pictures to David (our photographer) and after talking to Josh, he might appear on our website: College Boy Physicals someday! I think this is pretty cool and I really hope it goes through :)


Playing with a green screen

I think I’m turning into a big exhibitionist lol I always wanted to try a green screen… You know those screens that movies use to create special effects. Well I received a green screen a few months ago but never had the time to play with it until this past week end. Here is the result below, I think it’s not too bad being my first try. I’m sure I can do better. So what I did is film myself in front of the green screen, and transfer the video to the computer and use a program that gets rid of that color green, and voila, I can be anywhere in the world, like in a shoot on Broke Straight Boys dancing like an idiot LOL Anyway, just wanted to share it with you guys hehe

Steve Paris from This blog is

JJ and Kevin from Broke Straight Boys

Hello everybody, I hope your week end was good. Mine was nice, mostly spent it in the pool :) Let’s start this week with a hot new update. This episode is from and just came out today in the members area. It is with Kevin and JJ, hot damn those boys are hot! Even though JJ is missing a tooth lol, I still find him very attractive. As for Kevin, he’s got a hot lean body, mmmm! Anyway, they’re together today for an oral video. Y’all know I don’t care for videos with just cock sucking going on but these 2 guys are just 2 hot and we can’t ignore them :) So here you go, watch Kevin’s mushroom cock being suckedJOIN broke straight boys FOR $1 for 3 days.


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New Boy Scott at Broke Straight Boys

Morning guys, it’s early here, 7.20am and I’m posting already… WOW! :) I figured I would post early so you guys can enjoy this HOT new boy SCOTT from Broke Straight Boys :) He’s a red hair and so damn cute. He started with us with a solo shoot. He’s very shy so we didn’t want to scare him off with some other models. He did really well and so far, members absolutely love him. A few days ago, he came back and shot a scene with Tyler. The chemistry was really high, I’m telling you and I even think our hot Tyler got the hots for Scott lol Who can blame him hehe. And yeah, sorry guys, no videos for Scott, you have to join Broke Straight Boys to see him in action. I’m so cruel hehe but I hope you’ll still love me :) JOIN broke straight boys FOR $1 if you want to see more of Scott.


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Kaydin, Jaydin and Jasper from Broke College Boys

Hi guys, wassssup?! I know, I know, I haven’t posted in a few days, sorry :) Broke Straight Boys members kept me busy lol hehe Seriously, I had a lot of things to do and fix in the Broke Straight Boys members area and it took me quite some time to finish everything, but I’m finally done so I’m taking a break to post something here on my blog :) I got a Broke College Boys episode for you today. I actually like this episode, I thought it was original and a bit kinky… We have 3 guys, Kaydin, Jaydin (Don’t ask me cos I don’t know what’s up with those names lol) and Jasper who gets all tied up and fucked. I like this idea of being tied, I don’t know, it just gets me hot! Anyway, enjoy this preview, and of course, as always, you should know it by know lol Here is a link just in case you want to join Broke College Boys :) See ya

Jaydin, Kaydin and Jasper from Broke College Boys

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Jaydin, Kaydin and Jasper from Broke College Boys

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Do you think I have a problem?

Hello everybody. Yesterday was a very looooong day for me! I finished designing 40 banners for Broke Straight boys and Boy Gusher. I hate banners… I’ve made probably 2k-3k banners in 5 years and I’m sick of them lol Anyway, after these, I was so brain dead that I went outside and started shooting a video lol This is completely idiotic but hey, I felt so much better afterward lol

Jayce and Sean: Broke Straight Boys

Hi guys, here is a preview for you, it’s the latest update on Broke Straight Boys that came out today. It’s with Jayce and Sean. Jayce used to be our Broke Straight Boys on the road. We would send him to clubs all around the USA to promote Broke Straight Boys. We finally asked him to come to the studio and shoot a sex scene for us so here it is. He’s a lot of fun! Enjoy the preview and JOIN broke straight boys FOR $1 if you want to see more.


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Cousins fuck straight boy on Broke Straight Boys

Steve Paris holding coffee cupHowdy guys, it’s Monday and I’m scared of it hehe Mondays are usually a bitch so I’m getting ready for it with a tall coffee cup. My week end was alright, worked for the most part and watched some tv. Do you guys watch that Christie Alley show? I know it’s a bit stupid but I enjoy it lol I didn’t know she was funny like that. I like her. Anyway, today I’m posting an episode with our famous cousins Anthony and Mike. Have you seen Anthony’s chest? I just want to cum all over the little bit of hair that he has, it’s so hot lol Our straight boys get to fuck Steven, a new straight guy on Broke Straight Boys. Steven looks dirty to me, like he needs to take a shower or 2, I don’t know lol Still, I enjoyed this episode. Any episodes with the cousins are totally fun so you shouldn’t miss them :) CLICK HERE TO JOIN broke straight boys FOR $1.


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Brian – Broke Straight Boys

I’m not too crazy about solo guys, I usually find the videos soooo boring, but once in a while, there is a guy I like and so I don’t mind watching his solo shoot. Today we have Brian, he’s pretty cute, and got a nice dick. He says he’s bisexual, but quite frankly, I would say “gaysexual” lol I think he’s got more dicks in his ass than me, but oh well, he’s still hot and I’d like to do him :) I just counted this morning and we now have 990 ORIGINAL episodes in our members area so don’t forget, You could be watching all of them for $1 for 3 days :) CLICK HERE TO JOIN FOR A DOLLAR.


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