Jack Griffin and Dylan Roberts: CollegeDudes

Hello, I’m posting the first preview for our new website CollegeDudes.com. It features Jack Griffin and Dylan Roberts, 2 hot dudes. I’ve been working on BrokeStraightBoys for so many years that I know all the guys on that site. As for CollegeDudes.com, it’s so new that I’m having a hard time remembering the names of all those hot guys on that site lol I’ll get used to it :) This episode is really hot (duh!). Finally some guys who like to dirty talk when having sex! Even if they don’t say a lot, to me, a few “yeah fuck my ass” and “take this cock bitch” work for me :)  Check it out and let em know what you think. As of right now, we have 250 all exclusive episodes on CollegeDudes.com! Not bad huh? :) Click here to join CollegeDudes.com for $1.00!
Jack Griffin and Dylan Roberts - College Dudes

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Jack Griffin and Dylan Roberts - College Dudes

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Jack Griffin and Dylan Roberts - College Dudes

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Our NEW website! CollegeDudes.com

College DudesHey everybody, I hope you are all doing good. I’ve been so quite lately, and I’m sorry for not posting any new previews but I had been working on a new website so I didn’t have much time to post on my blog. Now that the new website has been launched, I’m very happy to announce it to you: COLLEGEDUDES.COM! I was very pleased to work on it. I had to design it, create a whole lot of banners and so much more, so yeah, I’ve been realllllllly busy :) This website is going be as successful as our other websites if not better. The guys on CollegeDudes.com are more my type, 21-25 years old with really nice bodies. I can’t wait to start posting video previews but that’ll have to wait another day or 2 cos I have a few things to finish. But meanwhile, you can check it out and see if you like it. As usual, it starts at $1 for 3 days so that gives you time to check out a bunch of videos. There are so far 270 episodes! :) Also, let me know what you think, I love feedbacks! Later dudes ;)


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Braden, Peter and Ashton from Broke Straight Boys

Hey guys, I hope you’re having a great Labor Day week end. This is going to be a quiet day for me; I ‘m just going to chill out in the pool, play with the dogs, and watch some tv, maybe read some. THAT’S IT! :) We’re working on a new website so this week is going to be really busy, so I better take it easy today. I can’t talk about that new site but you guys are going to love it :) Anyway, back to my blog, here is a hot new episodes with Braden, Peter and Hot fucking twink Ashton. I wouldn’t mind eating his ass right before I plow him against a wall. Yep! lol I want to hear this puppy beg for me to stop. Ok sorry, my imagination took over. I gotta say this, Peter can’t suck a dick to save his life :( Seriously lol Watch this preview and if you want to see more, please Join Broke Straight Boys for $1 for 3 days. Thanks and have a great Sunday!


Broke straight boys

Nelson & Gino from Broke Straight Boys

Howdy boys, I’m starting this Saturday really early: My puppy was a bit sick this morning so I’ve been awake since 6, though now she’s feeling better and is sleeping really good right now hehe. Today I’ll probably take it easy, maybe cut the grass in the backyard cos it needs it; it rained yesterday and it looks like the grass grew overnight. Anyway, I’m sure you find all this fascinating… NOT lol so I’ll move on to today’s episode. Broke Straight Boys Nelson and Gino. Nelson has been on BSB (Broke Straight Boys) a few times now, and he’s one of our members favorite boys. He fucks, and also takes it up the ass so he makes the videos really hot. Watch him fuck Gino in a very interesting way :) Both guys have really nice cocks too. Click here to join Broke Straight Boys for $1 for 3 days just to see if you like it :)


Broke straight boys:

Zakk and Ryan from Broke Straight Boys

My boy is back on Broke Straight Boys! I’m talking about Zakk. Ok this dude can fuck the shit out of me anytime he wants. I like his cute face, his toned body, his cock’s not bad either hehe, and he likes dirty talks. I don’t care too much for gay boy Ryan but I guess he’s not bad, just not my type. But in this episode, we needed a bottom bitch for Zakk so Ryan’s doing the job :) I like the part when Zakk sucks on Ryan’s cock while fingering him, I find it really hot. I feel like Zakk is holding back a little bit and I can’t wait to see him just rape some ass one day :) I can always wish huh? Anyway, enjoy this preview. This video is today’s new update on Broke Straight Boys.


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Bobby, David and the Doc at College Boy Physicals

Hello guys, I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks :( I have so much work to do, a new website on the way, tons of banners to make… that I didn’t really have time to work on a video preview for my blog. But today, I watched this new update from CollegeBoyPhysicals and thought I’d show it to you. In this video you can probably recognize Bobby from BrokeStraightBoys. This dude has such a nice cock, I would love to put my hands on it, well my lips too, why not :) What turns me on in this video is to see Bobby’s cock semi-hard, I don’t know why, but it gets hard everytime I see it. Check out this video preview below or Watch the FULL EPISODE, Click here to join College Boy Physicals for only $1.00


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