BrokeStraightBoys Aiden and Tyler Evans

Here is a straight boy I absolutely love! Aiden… He shot his first gay porn video 5 years ago on; some of you might remember the episode: Aiden and Jamie. Anyway, 5 years later, he’s back, more handsome than ever! This time we set him up with our other hot boy, Tyler Evans. The chemistry was instantaneous. They both felt very comfortable in front of the camera and joked around a little, which was really cool to watch. We shot 2 episodes with Aiden and Tyler, the one below which is the first one and then the second one is when Aiden fucks Tyler. 2 hot scenes that got me hard right away. Both videos can be downloaded  from – 3 days for only $1. NO Catch.


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Erik fucks Ross on Broke Straight Boys

Erik and Ross are in the house baby! :) This is one of my favorite episode from This is Erik and Ross’ second episode with us and in this video, I find the kissing part really hot. There is nothing hotter than 2 straight guys passionately kissing :) When it came to the fucking, Erik started slapping Erik with a belt, I just wish he had done it harder lol hehe That’s my kinky side coming out :) Check out Erik and Ross’s video below and if you like it, you might want to join to watch the full version, it’s worth it!

I made a mistake when I worked on the video below, so the quality is not that great.
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Diesal, John and Corey – Broke Straight Boys

Good morning guys! I woke up this morning with a huge hard on lol so the first thing I did was to check BrokeStraightBoys’ latest update. The video features my boy Diesal and 2 other guys, Corey and John. I’d suck Diesal’s thick cock anytime. Yummy! As for the other 2, they’re not really my type but if I was alone with them on an island, I’d definitely fuck them both :) Yah I’m a bit horny today hehe. Anyway, today’s gonna be a busy day for me, I have lots of work to do (as usual) so if you want to chat with me, don’t hesitate and use the chat room :) Check out the video below, and hope you enjoy: Click here to visit


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I hate fucking CAPTCHAs

God I hate these fucking CAPTCHAs. I’m trying to search a forum but it’s asking me to enter 2 words for verification and I cannot read them!!!! I kept refreshing to get new words but still didn’t help. People, take this stupid shit off your websites, it’s utterly ridiculous. Ok that was my rant for today. I just don’t get why people make things so complicated!! :)

Scott, Leon and Ryan on Broke Straight Boys

Hey guys, I hope you have a nice week end. I just finished eating and now I’m back to work but I thought I’d post an episode from Broke Straight Boys before I get too busy. About 3 years ago, we had this straight guy, Ryan who did a few episodes for us. He’s now back 3 years later and oh boy, his appearance change. I can’t say if it’s for the better or for worse so I’ll let you judge (See before/after picture below). Anyway, this episode is really fun to watch. These 3 guys have great chemistry together and they make this video really enjoyable. Out of the 3, I think Ryan’s got the cutest body! His toned chest is very hot to me. Watch the video and let me know what you think by posting comments :) Ok I gotta go back to work, have a nice day. Our website Broke Straight Boys membership starts at $1 for 3 days. Click here to check it out. Later guys :)

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Josh Hartnett lookalike on Broke Straight Boys

Ok guys, I MUST post this video preview for you! Last week’s update on Broke Straight Boys features this guy that looks so much like Josh Hartnett, the actor. When I saw him, I had to double check cos I thought it was him lol Anyway, here’s the video so you can see for yourself and hopefully enjoy it :) Santos is ok in my book, just not really my type, though he’s got a nice big cock. One thing that is bizarre to me is Sean’s voice, it doesn’t fit him somehow hehe. Watch this preview and if you want to see more, please Join Broke Straight Boys for $1 for 3 days. Later guys :)


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Happy New Year!

Hello everybody. I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year with all kinds of good stuff for 2011, but most of all, a very good health and then some good and safe sex :) My Holidays went well here, just nothing super exciting. I simply spent it with my ex boyfriend, his boyfriend and our doggies. Trust me, it’s not THAT complicated lol My resolutions for this year (again) is to exercise more (me love some muscles :), and get to the next level :)

Anyway, 2010 was awesome for me. got even more successful than 2009, so many people visit it now on a regular basis and I can’t thank them enough :) SO hopefully 2011 will even be better.
Thank you all, and Happy New Year :)