BrokeStraightBoys: Dustin and Tyler

Hey guys, I hope you had a great week. Mine was alright till today. I had to take my Beagle to the vet because she’s been eating rocks (yep rocks!) and a few of them got stuck :( I don’t know what’s wrong with Beagles, but they have the tendency to eat weird stuff. Anyway, she’s all good now and snoring on the couch, I can hear her. Today, I’m posting this video from BrokeStraightBoys, it features 2 of our most famous guys: Dustin and Tyler. For 2 straight guys… well, for a straight guy (Dustin) and a bi guy (Tyler), they seem to have a lot of fun together, and the chemistry is way up there :) I’m not gonna say much but look at the video below and again, if you want to watch the FULL length video, join Oh and by the way, Happy Valentine’s to everybody, mostly to all the singles out there :)


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