Broke Straight Boys: Jimmy fucks Tony

Man, I’m loving the new straight boys on more and more. I think we improved so much and the quality of our guys is superb. Jimmy, my new favorite straight boy, is just so hot and our members are starting to love him too. Jimmy got a rough start with our members cos he’s very much straight, has a girlfriend (a real one) and he’s a bit cocky at times so he can come off really arrogant but he’s really not, he’s a really nice guy, and I’m glad members get to see him for what he really is. Anyway, Jimmy’s fucking hot (we got that), but Tony is pretty handsome too. Different caliber, more of the twink-ish type which is ok. When I look at Tony, it’s obvious to me who’s gonna get fucked lol And I like it that way, cos Jimmy is a good fucker. One of my favorite part of this episode is when Jimmy does pushups and Tony takes it in his mouth. It’s hot and I got hard just thinking of Tony gagging on Jimmy’s fucking cock. Well, I hope you enjoy this preview below and that you join to view the whole video :)


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Jason and Mick flip-flops on Broke Straight Boys

Morning. Steve here and ready to show you a good time hehe. How did you like Jack from last night’s update? Our members seem to love him so far so I can say he’s a hit, like really, I’d fucking hit it :) Anyway, now let’s talk about my new favorite episode from Broke Straight Boys: Mick and Jason. Look at their pictures below and tell me you don’t want to fucking nail Mick. His thin and toned body just makes my cock have a mind on its own lol I would bend him over, hold him by the ears and just fuck the shit out of him til he begs me to stop pounding his tight little ass. Phew, ok, let’s calm down… He’s fuckable we get it :) Now let’s stay about Jason! He was one of our models back a few years ago, but then he went to jail, blah blah, and now he’s back and needs some dough. Did you see his ass? Watch the video below and you’ll see, that boy has a bit booty. Man, 2 guys that I want to plow! That rarely happens lol Anyway, I’ll stop being dirty so enjoy this preview and let me know how you liked it :) The full length video can be viewed on


I fucking love these guys!

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Jack, hot new guy from Broke Straight Boys

Wow I’m posting late in the evening, that hasn’t happened in quite a while. I just couldn’t wait for tomorrow to show you our latest guy, Jack. This episode is going live in 1 hour in the Broke Straight Boys members area and I bet members are going to love this sexy dude. This is Jack’s first porn shoot, and surely not the last; I already saw his next sex scenes, and believe me, they’re hot :) Anyway, I can’t post too much cos I’m tired already and I’m ready to go to bed, but enjoy this preview and if you want to watch the video, please join for $1.00 :) Good night guys.



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First Bukkake on

Howdy guys. It’s pool season! I just went for the first time this year in the pool and it felt really good; the water is getting warmer. I’ll take some pictures this week end cos that’s all I’m going to do, just relax. Ok I have to talk to you about the latest episode on For the first time in 6 years, we have a bukkake scene with 6 (well 5 really) hot guys. I say 5 because this wuss of Jeremy stepped out in the middle of the scene (Again!!!?? WTF). I posted a quick video below where you can see him sneaking out. He said it was getting too uncomfortable for him (duh). It’s the second time that he freaks out during a shoot and quite frankly, I really hope we don’t invite him again. Fuck him. Plus he’s not that hot anyway, kinda looks like something that came out of The Lord of the Rings. Anyway, I’m also posting a video preview below where you can see the boys having fun. Enjoy :) Join for $1.00 to watch the full length videos :) Later guys.


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Jimmy fucks Brett on Broke Straight Boys

I’ve got a huge hard-on right now, any volunteer :) I also need to get me some dick soon before I turned into a virgin again lol I guess for now, a video from Broke Straight Boys will do it. Here’s Jimmy and Brett in this hot episode. Isn’t Jimmy fucking hot? He’s improved a lot since his first shoot for us back in April, and I gotta say I’m proud of him. He’s got to be the straightest man I’ve seen on our site in a while and I like it :) Though Clay, our photographer, have a hard time with Jimmy sometimes lol but in the end, he always gets him to do stuff for us, and today, we got him to fuck Brett. I like Brett too, he is kinda cute I guess, I wouldn’t mind tearing his asshole in half (That didn’t sound good lol) Anyway, I gotta get back to work so enjoy this video below. Join for $1.00 to watch the full length videos :) Later guys.


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