Broke Straight Boys at the 2013 Denver Pridefest

Some of the boys were sent to represent at the 2013 Denver Pride. Here is a lineup of the boys right before their trip to downtown. I gotta say, I’m proud to see the logo I created plastered all over town and the boys :) If you want to see all the behind the scenes, please join Broke Straight Boys.brokestraightboys

Broke Straight Boys do the Harlem Shake

Well I knew that one day some of those Broke Straight Boys would just go cuckoo, and it looks like it’s now official :) Crazy fun! I gotta say that Broke Straight Boys has some of the funniest and most awesome Behind the Scene videos of all porn sites. Here’s just a sample, to watch the full length of this video, you have to be a member of Broke Straight Boys.

Broke Straight Boys: Who has the best biceps?

Hi there. I thought it’d be fun to start the day with a poll. This video was taken when our Broke Straight Boys Rob Ryder, Cole Gartner, Denver Grand, Jason Matthews, Chad and Kodi were at the 2012 Pride in Denver, Colorado. It was a very fun day so we decided to have some little fun with our guys :) So who do you think has the best biceps? For me, Denver has the best guns :) Yummy!!! Join today for $1 for 3 days :)

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Our boys on tour – DC 2011 Gay Pride

Happy 4th of July week end guys. I haven’t posted a video on our guys on tour so here is one :) 2 weeks ago, Jimmy from, Rob Ryder and Cole Gartner from were in Washington DC, for the 2011 Gay Pride and man that was a lot of fun! We had a total of 5 hours of video footage that I had to narrow down to 3 hours lol That was fun. Actually it really was. I couldn’t make it to DC on time so it was a joy to watch the videos. Our Boys had lots of fun too. They started with an interview for our members, then a visit of the city. The next day, there was the gay parade where the guys were giving away free lube, t-shirts, towels… and then of course, the BrokeStraightBoys and CollegeDudes booth where Jimmy, Rob and Cole met lots of our fans. I made a video preview for you guys with some of the highlights of the tour, I hope you enjoy it :) To watch all the Behind the Scene videos,  join

Watch the video preview below.

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Broke Straight Boys in Chicago

This was our second day working a booth in the Boys Town area of Chicago. Northalsted Market Days is a two-day affair attracting around 300,000 people to Chicago’s Halsted gay district. A lot of our members/fans came to meet the boys at our booth. Here are a few pictures. Our boys are wearing our new BSB goodies :)

BSB in Phoenix, AZ

Our boys were in Phoenix on July 11th to promote It was at BS West club for Drag Wars, an all day/night event where drag queens from all over compete in silly competitions :) We had our Broke Straight Boys, Derek and Alec there, oil wrestling hehe I heard it was extremely hot.

BSB in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Austin, Derek, Danny and Tyler are at Johnny’s in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They had so much fun that night. The show host was a pretty cool drag queen and she sure made our boys work hard for the money lol I’m posting below a video preview and a few pictures. Enjoy…
I have a few posts of Danny and Austin in action. You can check them out here: Danny and Austin

Broke Straight Boys is only $1 for 3 days.

BSB in Columbus, OH

Broke Straight Boys, Johnny, Derek and Alec were in Ohio at Interbelt Nite Club on Saturday, June 13th. I heard they had drag queens all over their dicks lol

BSB in Spain

Our Broke Straight Boys made it to Spain. Yep, we’re very famous in Europe as well so we had decided to send some boys oversea. Here are a few pictures.