Austin and Jimmy from Broke Straight Boys

Howdy y’all! Damn, don’t I sound like a Texan now? lol It’s gonna be a good day today; drinking my coffee right now, it’s nice outside, my neck is not bothering me this morning (I’ve had this pain in the neck for the past week), so hopefully it stays nice all day :) I’m adding a video with MY Austin! hehe I just love this guy. If there is one guy I’d like to meet, that’d be Austin first, then Diesal. Anyway, in this episode, he’s fucking Jimmy, anotherĀ  Straightie. HAWT! I’m telling you, the morning is starting well for me hehe. So enjoy this preview and don’t forget… if you want to watch the FULL LENGTH video, join Broke Straight Boys for ONLY $1.00.


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Austin and Dustin – Broke Straight Boys

I AM FUCKING HORNY! LOL here I said it! I woke up horny, did nothing about it so yeah I’m still horny :) In this video, I’ll skip all the blah blah and go straight to the fucking. Some of you may already know our famous Broke Straight Boys Austin and Dustin. They’re back today in this episode and someone’s getting fucked; ok it’s Austin! What a surprise lol Still, he takes it really well, and I love him :) We had the possibility to interview him recently and I’m going to add that “special” interview next week in the member area. You shouldn’t miss it :) Enjoy this video, I gotta take care of something hehe


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Broke Straight Boys: Dustin vs Austin

I thought about having some kind of weekly Broke Straight Boys faceoff just for fun, so I’m starting this one :) Last week, me and a few members of Broke Straight Boys revisited some episodes with Austin and Dustin, 2 of our hottest straight boys. I mentioned several times in previous posts that Austin was my boy, Dustin’s hot but my dick points toward Austin. Now here is a question: Which one of them would you fuck? I would FUCK Austin (while Dustin fucks me hehe) and most of our members would fuck him as well, what about you? The poll is below the picture ;) If you want to watch videos of these 2 straight boys, just give us a try, the trial is $1 for 3 days.


Funny: Austin, Hollywood, Ashton and AJ

Here are some funny moments taken from this episode with Austin, Hollywood, Ashton and Aj. These guys were so funny during the shooting. Very relaxed and entertaining hehe. I’ve been working in the porn business for 8 years now. I’ve seen so many videos where guys are just robots. It’s fun when you can actually see guys having fun during a shoot, it’s what Broke Straight Boys is all about: Thumbs up from me. Watch the full episode at:

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Hot Broke Straight Boys 4-way

Today I’m posting a hot 4-way from with Austin, Hollywood, Ashton and AJ. Hollywood is a married straight guy doing “gay for pay”. They’re all pretty hot so check out the video preview below :) I won’t say it enough but I think Austin is fricking hot! I should probably put him on my birthday list and give it to my boss lol I’d take Ashton too if I could. Join Broke Straight Boys for $1 for 3 days to watch the full video :)


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Broke Straight Boys Austin and CJ

Sometimes we ask the members who they want to see together, and this time, it happens to be Austin and CJ. Also, there was going to be an auction at the end of the shoot in the members forums and the winner gets the blue sheets and the guys’ underwear :) CJ is getting it good in this episode. I don’t know if Austin is looking for oil, but he sure drills CJ’s ass really deep lol This was the guys’ first time together and I know they’ll be back in a few months, but I’m not sure when. Below is a picture of Austin signing the Auction Winner’s sheets. I would never bid on something like that but hey, to each his own. We got tons of episodes with Austin. He started Straight, but i think now he’s on the fence lol Check out Broke Straight if you want to watch the whole thing.


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Broke Straight Boys Fleshlight Party

Here is one of my favorite episode. They don’t fuck but I love it cos they’re goofing around with fleshlights and it’s really hot. I was so fucking excited when I heard that my favorite straight boy Austin was back for a four-way shoot. I love group shoots because a lot of things can happen that are unexpected and they can make a scene appear so much hotter. The other 3 guys are also hot too but I still prefer Austin. When I work on Broke Straight Boys, I always try to use his pictures hehe If you’re interested in watching the full movie, here’s a link to Broke Straight We have now a $1 trial special, I’m not sure for how long though so join now and check out this video, it’s really funny.


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Double Penetration on Broke Straight Boys

Guys, Broke Straight Boys finally got its first DOUBLE PENETRATION! When David (our photographer) told me we were gonna have Danny and my hot boy Austin Grant fuck Nelson, I was like “ok alright, that’s nice”, but when he told me that they would fuck him at the same time, I just couldn’t wait to see this episode. These boys are really fucking Nelson really hard. I wish i could post the whole video but I really can’t… So if you’re interesting in watching this hot double penetration episode, here’s a link to Broke Straight We now have a $1 trial special, so there are no excuses anymore :)


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BSB in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Austin, Derek, Danny and Tyler are at Johnny’s in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They had so much fun that night. The show host was a pretty cool drag queen and she sure made our boys work hard for the money lol I’m posting below a video preview and a few pictures. Enjoy…
I have a few posts of Danny and Austin in action. You can check them out here: Danny and Austin

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