Broke Straight Boys: Damien bounces on Blake’s cock

Blake Bennet and Damien Kyle are together in this Broke Straight Boys video. When this update begins, there are only stares and stroking. Blake and Damien are stroking their own tools, and looking to see what the other is carrying. The glances are furtive, like if they were embarrassed to be so interested in what the other might be packing. Damien Kyle’s got such a rocking body! I’m not counting a 6 but an 8 pack abs, and he looks really hot. I love this episode because of the bouncing!! Damien’s ass is completely spread out and jumping up and down on Blake’s cock and to me, it’s so fucking hot knowing that kyle is feeling every single inches of Blake’s rod. Bounce away Damien! Bounce away :) Watch the full video on

Broke Straight Boys: Damien bounces on Blake's cock

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Broke Straight Boys : Blake, Brandon & Johnny

I hope you guys are having a great week end. Here in Texas, it’s only 85 degrees and this is a nice break from the 100s that we’ve been getting. I got a few friends over today and we went in the pool for a bit. One of my friends brought his new boyfriend and oh shit, the guy was wearing a speedo and you could see this humongous bulge. You could really tell the outline of his cock and a few of us were loving it :) I know this post is worthless without a picture, sorry guys. I gotta admit, I had a semi when I saw him :) Anyway, here is an episode of Broke Straight Boys featuring Blake, Brandon and Johnny. A very hot 3way that involves Blake getting fucked by both guys RAW. Blake sure takes it like a champ, bottom boy just loves getting drilled and you can really tell :)

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Broke Straight Boys Blake and Lucas

TGIF! I’ve been working on Teen girls porn sites all week long for my job and yeah, another reason why I’m glad to be gay. I cannot wait for my boss to give me the “GO” to start on our new gay site :) (Can’t say much about it right now). So I’m glad I still have my blog where I can go back to my roots :) Let’s talk about “straighties”: Blake Bennet and Lucas (Whatever his last name is). Blake is such a hungry bossy bottom whore and I like that. He’s been on Broke Straight Boys for quite a while now so I’m not sure that we can still consider him “straight” but at this point, gay or straight, I’m just glad he’s still around making porn for us to watch, plus he’s easy on the eyes :) Lucas is cute too. He’s got a little pouch but it’s ok, I wouldn’t throw him out of bed hehe Enjoy that video below the pictures :) Oh Did I mention they fuck bareback?! Join for only $1 :)


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Hot 3way on Broke Straight Boys

Morning everybody. I got a nice threesome for you today. The video is from Broke Straight Boys and it features Ty, Blake Bennet (HOTTIE!) and Denver Grand. Before I watched the video, I was sure that Blake was the one who would get fucked but nope, he’s the top in this movie and a damn good one. Skinny dudes can fuck too! Denver is the one bottoming for our eyes and he takes it well. This trio is a very good combination, they work well together and it makes this episode very enjoyable to watch. Join today for $1 for 3 days :)


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Broke Straight Boys play Twister game

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a great week end. Today I’m posting an unusual episode from Broke Straight Boys; it’s part of the “Behind the scenes” videos. I had so much fun watching it and it shows you our straight boys having fun while being filmed. In this video, we have Blake Bennet (a members favorite, Ty, Denver Grand and Conner playing a game of Twister. Watch them kiss, slap asses, lick balls and having tons of fun. I hope you enjoy it :) PleaseĀ join today for $1 :) Thanks.

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Hot new boy on Broke Straight Boys: Blake

Hi guys. Any plans this week end? For me, it’s pretty much spring cleaning. I have to take care of the pool, trim some trees, mow the yard and clean the house. Fascinating huh? lol But no really, I need to take care of the house cos it seriously needs some attention :) I might work on the blog too cos I’ve been slacking lately and I don’t like that. Anyway, I got a hot new guy to show you; his name is Blake Bennet and I think you’re gonna like him. He’s a genuine southern guy and our members seem to be falling in love with his charms. Blake is so easy going and loves to chat with our members. He joined the Broke Straight Boys message board 2 weeks ago and has already posted so much. He’s very entertaining and so damn nice :) Here’s his first ever solo video, I hope you enjoy it :) Watch all of Blake’s videos at Broke Straight Boys for only $1 for 3 days :)



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