Broke Straight Boys Caleb and Scott

Hey guys, it’s Saturday!! sweeeeet. Well actually not sure why I’m saying this cos I gotta work this week end hehe. Yesterday we got a storm here in Dallas, and we lost power from 4am to 6pm :( I didn’t have the car either so it was a day from hell. no TV, no computer, no light, nothing, 88 degrees inside the house and of course all by myself, I thought I was gonna go crazy. We do rely on electricity, it’s unbelievable. So today I got lots of work to do. Anyway, Here is a little preview of our newest episode, Broke Straight Boys Caleb and Scott. At first, when I saw Caleb, I didn’t care for him too much, but once he got undressed and saw his body, I actually changed my mind. A bit hairy, nice body shape, I’d let him do me hehe. Now Scott is very cute, and I’m sure all you tops would like to get your hands on him lol Anyway, this is a very nice episode, fun interview, good fucking and ass slapping. Enjoy…


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