New boy on Broke Straight boys: Cliff

We have a new guy on and we usually don’t have the muscle type on the site but this time, we wanted to try something different. Believe me or not, Cliff is only 21! I thought he was much older than that but nope. Personally he’s more my type. Cliff has great muscles, a fantastic long dick, great looks, I cannot wait to see him with another guy. In his first video, Cliff wasn’t much of a talker, probably because he was nervous but he sure did give us a nice show. Cliff’s got a nice long cock and I kept wondering if he could suck himself off :) I guess we’ll have to ask him to try one day, that would be hot to watch. Now I just hope that he’s a top cos that would be a waste if he bottoms in his next video. Watch “Cliffy and his stiffy” on Broke Straight Boys for only $1.00


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