Rocco is back to fuck Colin on Broke Straight Boys

Hi guys, I hope you are all doing great. I’m super! Just drank a coffee and ready to work, even though I really don’t feel like it. I wish I could spend the whole day working on this blog but I can’t right now with all the work we have to do. Anyway, how about some porn? This video came out a few days ago, it features Rocco and Colin. Yep, Rocco is back after taking a break. He’s letting his hair grow again and members are now happy. Most of them didn’t care for Rocco with really short hair. But him and his nice cock are back to fuck some straight dudes, and for this episode, he gets to have fun with Colin’s butthole. I love Colin! He’s posting more now in the Broke Straight Boys members area and he’s so much fun. He’s also a freak, and I dig that a lot. I haven’t met him yet but I sure hope I get to meet him someday soon and I’ll make sure to take a picture and post it here on my blog. So, today Rocco fucks Colin and it’s a hot video (of course or I wouldn’t post it :). Colin’s tight ass was so hungry, and Rocco was happy to feed it. Watch this video preview I made below and Join Broke Straight Boys and watch 680+ videos. You can try the website for only $1 for 3 days :)


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Colin and Drake get confused on Broke Straight Boys

Howdy guys! Today on, we posted a new episode with Colin and Drake. I actually just watched it and liked it so much that I decided to make a quick video for you guys. Colin is so much fun to talk to. We have a message board on Broke Straight Boys so that members, our models and us can chat and Colin join last week and already has been really active on the board. He’s a lot of fun but what I like the most about him is how genuine he is. I didn’t know I would like Drake quite frankly, but he surprised me a lot in this video. He’s also a lot of fun and you can tell he’s a really nice guy and a damn good top! He fucked Colin’s tight ass really nicely and was not afraid to go for it. Colin seemed to enjoy it really well too that he asked Drake to spank his ass, which totally turned me on :) I hope you enjoy and if you like what you see, please join us at Broke Straight Boys for only $1.00


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Jimmy fucks Colin on BrokeStraightBoys

Hi guys, Steve here in pain :( I had surgery yesterday, and so far, the pain killers don’t work too much today. I’ll probably take it easy this week end and just watch tv. Anyway, I really wanted to update my blog today so here is our latest video from Jimmy gets to fuck Colin. I believe it’s Colin’s second time getting fucked and still not getting used to it. I felt bad for him for a minute (well 2 seconds really), because he really looks like he’s in so much pain but hey, no pain, no gain right? At least, he’s getting paid for it. Have you seen Colin’s abs? God damn, I wish mine were like his! Alright guys, gotta go but I hope you enjoy the preview I made below. Peace out. Watch the FULL episode @ Broke Straight Boys.


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Colin gets fucked on Broke Straight Boys

Hi guys, sorry for not posting for a week, I’ve just been very busy working on re-designing one of our site, but it’s now completed and I’m very happy about it. I hope you guys are doing fine. Other than working a lot, I pulled a muscle a few days ago and now every time I move, I feel this sharp pain in my back ;( I’m gonna take it easy this week end that’s for sure and maybe get a massage or something but enough about me, today I’m posting our latest video from, it features Jamie (yep he’s back) and Colin. I must admit I love Colin! Dude, I’d suck his dick in a heartbeat, but what attracts me the most about him is that he’s kind of a freak, and his girlfriend too! Colin told us that she gets excited when she watches his videos with other guys, now that’s fucking hot! Talk about being open minded, and I love it. So with that in mind, I was totally getting a hard-on watching Jamie pound Colin’s virgin ass. Jamie is a little aggressive too so for me, this video was a total success! I hope you enjoy the video I made below and again, if you want to watch all our full videos, please join our website:


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$1 trial: Colin and Jack on Broke Straight Boys

Good morning everybody. I just drank a cup of coffee, listening to Paula Abdul, and working on my blog. You know, I was wondering last night if anybody actually reads my blog lol Maybe not, but I’m still enjoying doing it so why not. I still hope some of you are reading it though hehe. We got a new boy on Broke Straight Boys, his name is Colin. When I first saw him, I didn’t really know what to think: cute? not cute?… and then I saw his nude pictures and I was like “HOT”. He has such a lean mean body, ripped abs and yeah so damn sexy. That’s when everything pulled together for me, and he’s definitely a cutie! Boy was he nervous before the shoot. The whole idea of “I’ve got another man’s cock in my mouth” was getting to him, but once Jack and him started shooting, it went perfectly fine, even more than we had though :) You can see Colin and Jack on Broke Straight Boys.


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