Diesal fucks Eric on Broke Straight Boys

“Tonight we gonna be it on the floor…” I love that new Jennifer Lopez song “On the floor”. I like how they used some parts of Kaoma’s Lambada (song from the late 80′s, google it :). Anyway, let me turn the volume down so I can talk to you about today’s video hehe I’m posting an episode from BrokeStraightBoys.com and it features our number 1 boy Diesal with a newbie Eric. I can’t get tired of Diesal’s fat cock, and trust me, having seen it real, it looks really tasty :) Too bad I couldn’t get my mouth to it boohoo. Poor Eric! This is gonna be his first cock up in the ass and it has to be Diesal’s, that’s gotta hurt! and I love it hehe Watch the full length video when you join BrokeStraightBoys.com for only $1.


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Diesal, John and Corey – Broke Straight Boys

Good morning guys! I woke up this morning with a huge hard on lol so the first thing I did was to check BrokeStraightBoys’ latest update. The video features my boy Diesal and 2 other guys, Corey and John. I’d suck Diesal’s thick cock anytime. Yummy! As for the other 2, they’re not really my type but if I was alone with them on an island, I’d definitely fuck them both :) Yah I’m a bit horny today hehe. Anyway, today’s gonna be a busy day for me, I have lots of work to do (as usual) so if you want to chat with me, don’t hesitate and use the chat room :) Check out the video below, and hope you enjoy: Click here to visit BrokeStraightBoys.com.


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Broke Straight Boys having sex in public pool

Hello everybody, I hope you’re having a good Monday. I spent all my week end watching season 1 and 2 of True Blood, I think I’m hooked. I’m such a sucker for hot vampires :) Anyway, today, back to work but I had to update my blog first with this HOT new video. Mark, my boss, the owner of BrokeStraightBoys, for the first time ever, filmed this episode and the result is amazing! Our Broke Straight Boys Diesal and JC were actually on tour promoting the website. They were in Long Beach, California for Pride when Mark decided to get them to fuck in the Hotel pool lol I don’t know how they pulled it off but they sure did, well up until the end when someone tried to get in. I really enjoyed this episode and I thought my boss did an awesome job. If you want to watch the FULL LENGTH video, join Broke Straight Boys for ONLY $1.00.


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A member pays $500 to get fucked by Broke Straight Boys

For the first time on BrokeStraightBoys.com, we allowed a member to come and get fucked by one of our guys! Yep that’s right :) For months Dylan was been lurking the Broke Straight Boys Forums inside the members area , and one day, he sent us an email asking if he could pay Diesal and Kevin $500 each to fuck him. We didn’t see why not so we invited him and here is the video :) I gotta say, I’ve always been a fan of Diesal and in this video, he get more more aggressive and I’m loving it! This member got a good raping, that’s for sure :)
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BoyGusher: Tyler and Diesal

Hey guys, wazzzzup!? hehe It’s 7.25am and I’m already drinking my second cup of coffee. I’ve been so busy these past days that I haven’t had the time to check the videos on our site BoyGusher. Yesterday, one of our members told me about this new episode we have with Diesal and Tyler, so I had to watch it (Thanks Deidra :). It’s a fun episode to watch, mostly when Diesal shoots himself in the face, that was fucking awesome!!!!! These 2 guys also appear on our other site Broke Straight Boys and they have so many fans. Cum and Check them out on BoyGusher.com – It is only $1 for 3 days so try it out :)
Tyler and Diesal from BoygusherTyler and Diesal from Boygusher

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Broke Straight Boys in HD: Chasen and Diesel

HD quality is here! Party time, or jack off time!!!! hehe We’ve had a few problems with the lighting at first so that’s why the video looks a bit yellowish, but it’s all fixed now so the future episodes will look better. Still, HD is awesome, the new video size is absolutely great. But if you have a slower internet connection, no worries, you can still see our videos, we have several different sizes. This is a big step for BroketraightBoys.com and I really hope our members love it. I guess we’ll know very soon once they post what they think on our message board :) Anyway, here is our famous HOT Diesel, and Chasen. I love Diesel’s lean body, he’s just so fricking adorable, and his cock is really nice too, so enjoy this video and hopefully you decide to join us. Click here to visit BrokeStraightBoys.com
PS: This video preview has been rendered for THIS blog only, the videos inside the members area are MUCH BETTER QUALITY :)

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Broke Straight Boys in HD quality

Broke Straight Boys Diesal, Danny and Dustin

Hey guys! Yeah I know, it’s been a while since I updated my blog :( I’ve been working a lot lately and just couldn’t find the time to work on new previews. But here I am today :) Things have been really busy for me, it’s all about work and work and more work. But I can’t complain, I have a job :) Weather sucks here in Dallas, it rains all the time now. I’m thinking about creating a personal blog with no porn on it, well it’s just an idea, not sure if people would actually read about my life lol Anyway, today we have Dustin, Diesel and Danny from Broke Straight Boys. I’m posting 2 previews, the first one is the “interview”. These guys are hilarious and I thought you would like to see it. The second one is Danny giving a blowjob. He does need some help in that department lol He does get fucked though… sweeeeeeet! Enjoy.


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Broke Straight Boys Diesal and Drew

Good morning guys. I just woke up and thought I’d post something before I get to work :) Yesterday was an insane day! A hard drive on one of our servers crashed. So we had to work like crazy to get Broke Straight Boys back on. Thank god for backups! Anyway, today should be calmer but I still have tons of work to do. So who do we have today? Broke Straight Boys Diesel and Drew. To tell you the truth, I was not excited about them but for some reason, though a lot of our members love them. I find them too “nice” when they fuck, and it bores me a little. I like when they’re more “aggressive”. But here’s a preview so you can check it out, and if you like it, check out Broke Straight Boys, the trial starts at $1 for 3 days.


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Diesel and Jimmy fuck at Broke Straight Boys!

A few days ago, I posted a video preview of Diesel and Jimmy. It was a hot jack off scene. Well today, we updated our members area with Diesel and Jimmy – ROUND 2! This time, there is some fucking involved hehe oh and a lot of kissing too! Like a LOT! David, our photographer asked Diesel if he’s ever gonna bottom. I know the answer to that one hehe And it will be shown this month. That’s gonna make our members happy. Diesel is my kind of top, an aggressive fucker. Even though he’s not too rough on Jimmy in this episode, when he has his hands around Jimmy’s throat while fucking him is HOT to me! This episode came out today so check out Broke Straight Boys to watch it.


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Jimmy and Diesal at Broke Straight Boys

I’m very glad Diesel is back on BrokeStraightBoys.com. This “gay for pay” guy is very famous in our members area and our members love him. In this episode, he’s with Jimmy, another straight guy. It was Jimmy’s first shoot with us so David, our photographer went really slow with him. Diesel is 6″4 tall, and Jimmy looks really small, even though he’s 5″11 lol Diesel’s got a nice bush going on hehe Nothing wrong with it. Some people like it hairy :) I made a wallpaper with Diesel’s pictures some time ago, I’ll try to find it cos he was fucking hot. We have quite a few wallpapers of our other straight boys in our members area as well.


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