BrokeStraightBoys: Dustin and Tyler

Hey guys, I hope you had a great week. Mine was alright till today. I had to take my Beagle to the vet because she’s been eating rocks (yep rocks!) and a few of them got stuck :( I don’t know what’s wrong with Beagles, but they have the tendency to eat weird stuff. Anyway, she’s all good now and snoring on the couch, I can hear her. Today, I’m posting this video from BrokeStraightBoys, it features 2 of our most famous guys: Dustin and Tyler. For 2 straight guys… well, for a straight guy (Dustin) and a bi guy (Tyler), they seem to have a lot of fun together, and the chemistry is way up there :) I’m not gonna say much but look at the video below and again, if you want to watch the FULL length video, join Oh and by the way, Happy Valentine’s to everybody, mostly to all the singles out there :)


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Austin and Dustin – Broke Straight Boys

I AM FUCKING HORNY! LOL here I said it! I woke up horny, did nothing about it so yeah I’m still horny :) In this video, I’ll skip all the blah blah and go straight to the fucking. Some of you may already know our famous Broke Straight Boys Austin and Dustin. They’re back today in this episode and someone’s getting fucked; ok it’s Austin! What a surprise lol Still, he takes it really well, and I love him :) We had the possibility to interview him recently and I’m going to add that “special” interview next week in the member area. You shouldn’t miss it :) Enjoy this video, I gotta take care of something hehe


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Broke Straight Boys Diesal, Danny and Dustin

Hey guys! Yeah I know, it’s been a while since I updated my blog :( I’ve been working a lot lately and just couldn’t find the time to work on new previews. But here I am today :) Things have been really busy for me, it’s all about work and work and more work. But I can’t complain, I have a job :) Weather sucks here in Dallas, it rains all the time now. I’m thinking about creating a personal blog with no porn on it, well it’s just an idea, not sure if people would actually read about my life lol Anyway, today we have Dustin, Diesel and Danny from Broke Straight Boys. I’m posting 2 previews, the first one is the “interview”. These guys are hilarious and I thought you would like to see it. The second one is Danny giving a blowjob. He does need some help in that department lol He does get fucked though… sweeeeeeet! Enjoy.


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Broke Straight Boys: Dustin vs Austin

I thought about having some kind of weekly Broke Straight Boys faceoff just for fun, so I’m starting this one :) Last week, me and a few members of Broke Straight Boys revisited some episodes with Austin and Dustin, 2 of our hottest straight boys. I mentioned several times in previous posts that Austin was my boy, Dustin’s hot but my dick points toward Austin. Now here is a question: Which one of them would you fuck? I would FUCK Austin (while Dustin fucks me hehe) and most of our members would fuck him as well, what about you? The poll is below the picture ;) If you want to watch videos of these 2 straight boys, just give us a try, the trial is $1 for 3 days.


Broke Straight Boys go camping!

Here’s a video you don’t want to miss! David, our photographer, took a group of models out on a little hiking trip to change things up and do something different than what they’re use to at the studio. All the guys that he had picked to go were excited for a chance to make some great money, and go somewhere for a little escape from their daily lives. Watch Dustin, Tyler, JC, CJ and Michael go wild :) If you want to DOWNLOAD this video, just join Broke Straight Boys :) It’s only $1.


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Broke Straight Boys Dustin fucks Nelson

Dustin is one of our regular “gay for pay” on Our members just love him. Today he’s with gay boy Nelson. We do have a few gay/bisexual guys on our site  that we like to pair up with some of our straight boys. Dustin though is very straight, and he’s such a powerful top, not only he fucks good but he likes to pound and that’s really hot. Dustin features in several episodes. Unfortunately, he won’t be filming for us anymore due to attitude lol Oh well, at least, we got him first on Broke Straight Boys :)




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Broke Straight Boys Fleshlight Party

Here is one of my favorite episode. They don’t fuck but I love it cos they’re goofing around with fleshlights and it’s really hot. I was so fucking excited when I heard that my favorite straight boy Austin was back for a four-way shoot. I love group shoots because a lot of things can happen that are unexpected and they can make a scene appear so much hotter. The other 3 guys are also hot too but I still prefer Austin. When I work on Broke Straight Boys, I always try to use his pictures hehe If you’re interested in watching the full movie, here’s a link to Broke Straight We have now a $1 trial special, I’m not sure for how long though so join now and check out this video, it’s really funny.


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Dustin and Lane at Broke Straight Boys

Some of you probably know Dustin by now. He’s been a regular on Broke Straight Boys for a while now. In this episode, he’s paired up with HOT fucking damn Lane! Lane is exactly the type of guy I fucking love when I’m in a bottom type of mood. He reminds me of my mailman, fuck he’s so damn hot! I have this fantasy where one day, the mailman forces his way inside my house and he throws me against the wall and starts raping me so hard. hehe
Back to our straight boys. Lane is in his undies and Dustin is still fully clothed. He’s running Lane’s cock, it’s so fucking sexy. After a little bit, Dustin gets undressed while Lane is stroking his dick. He even talks like a bad boy. Yum. They’re both watching a straight movie now. I guess these straighties need some motivation as they’re both stroking their cocks. Lane’s body is smoking hot. Fuck me Lane!!!!


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