First Bukkake on

Howdy guys. It’s pool season! I just went for the first time this year in the pool and it felt really good; the water is getting warmer. I’ll take some pictures this week end cos that’s all I’m going to do, just relax. Ok I have to talk to you about the latest episode on For the first time in 6 years, we have a bukkake scene with 6 (well 5 really) hot guys. I say 5 because this wuss of Jeremy stepped out in the middle of the scene (Again!!!?? WTF). I posted a quick video below where you can see him sneaking out. He said it was getting too uncomfortable for him (duh). It’s the second time that he freaks out during a shoot and quite frankly, I really hope we don’t invite him again. Fuck him. Plus he’s not that hot anyway, kinda looks like something that came out of The Lord of the Rings. Anyway, I’m also posting a video preview below where you can see the boys having fun. Enjoy :) Join for $1.00 to watch the full length videos :) Later guys.


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Jeremy and Ken: Broke Straight Boys

Hey boys, Steve here. I hope all of you are doing great. What’s new about me… I finally finished the redesign of one of our site yesterday, and I’m pretty happy about it. I canceled my World of Warcraft account  cos I was getting bored with it (I know I’m such a geek), and now I’m back to working on banners for Broke Straight Boys and updating my blog :) Today I’m adding Jeremy and ken from our popular site Jeremy is straight, and Ken is gay, and I gotta say, this is one hot video to watch. From that hot kissing moment, to the ass pounding, it got me all riled up :) The full video is about 22 minutes, so join if you want to watch it. The membership starts at $1 for 3 days.


Watch Jeremy take it up the ass!

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Jacob and Jeremy at Broke Straight Boys

Hello guys, I took some time this morning to post a little video preview of Broke Straight Boys Jeremy and Jacob. Jacob is Straight or “gay for pay” like we call them now, and Jeremy is Gay. They are both cute guys, though Jeremy’s haircut reminds me of a monk lol I like this new episode. Jacob’s got a nice cock, probably an 8 or 9 inches. Jeremy’s the lucky one! he takes it like a monk, or champ hehe. Watch the video preview I made below or visit Broke Straight Boys and join for $1.00.


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