First Bukkake on

Howdy guys. It’s pool season! I just went for the first time this year in the pool and it felt really good; the water is getting warmer. I’ll take some pictures this week end cos that’s all I’m going to do, just relax. Ok I have to talk to you about the latest episode on For the first time in 6 years, we have a bukkake scene with 6 (well 5 really) hot guys. I say 5 because this wuss of Jeremy stepped out in the middle of the scene (Again!!!?? WTF). I posted a quick video below where you can see him sneaking out. He said it was getting too uncomfortable for him (duh). It’s the second time that he freaks out during a shoot and quite frankly, I really hope we don’t invite him again. Fuck him. Plus he’s not that hot anyway, kinda looks like something that came out of The Lord of the Rings. Anyway, I’m also posting a video preview below where you can see the boys having fun. Enjoy :) Join for $1.00 to watch the full length videos :) Later guys.


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Josh from Broke Straight Boys

Hello everybody. I probably live is the stupidest city in the US! Those assholes keep sending me letters when the grass is 5 inches tall!!! Seriously? Some people have too much time on their hands. Anyway, I just mowed the yard so they can stop bitching. What a bunch of asswipes! lol Anyway… What do you think of our latest Straight Boy from His name is Josh, and I think he’s a little cutie. He’s got red hair, a nice lean body and a good size cock. I’d like to see him paired with another one of our boys and see what he does. Click here to visit and join for only $1.


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Broke Straight Boys Shane and Josh kissing with passion :)

Hello guys. This morning, I played with this nice little program and made a video of Shane and Josh from Broke Straight Boys. This is the first time that I’m using this software so let me know what you think :)

Broke Straight Boys
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Ridge and Josh at Broke Straight Boys

Morning guys! It’s Saturday, and no week end for me :( I have tons of banners to make. It finally stopped raining here in Dallas! The sun is even out! wow lol Today, I’m posting Ridge and Josh from Broke Straight Boys. They shot for us once before but it was just a jack off scene. Today our straight “gay for pay” guys are back for some more action… Josh fucks Ridge. I like these guys, but Ridge is more my type. Anyway, enjoy the preview and maybe see you in the members area soon :)


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