Dustin and Lane at Broke Straight Boys

Some of you probably know Dustin by now. He’s been a regular on Broke Straight Boys for a while now. In this episode, he’s paired up with HOT fucking damn Lane! Lane is exactly the type of guy I fucking love when I’m in a bottom type of mood. He reminds me of my mailman, fuck he’s so damn hot! I have this fantasy where one day, the mailman forces his way inside my house and he throws me against the wall and starts raping me so hard. hehe
Back to our straight boys. Lane is in his undies and Dustin is still fully clothed. He’s running Lane’s cock, it’s so fucking sexy. After a little bit, Dustin gets undressed while Lane is stroking his dick. He even talks like a bad boy. Yum. They’re both watching a straight movie now. I guess these straighties need some motivation as they’re both stroking their cocks. Lane’s body is smoking hot. Fuck me Lane!!!!


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