Luke and Cody at Broke Straight Boys

Hey guys, How is your Labor day week end? Mine had been great so far! Not only it’s Labor day week end but today Broke Straight Boys is celebrating 5 years :) I can’t believe it’s been online for 5 years already. I’m loving it. Even though I’m pretty busy today, I’m posting our latest episode, Broke Straight Boys Luke and Cody. This is one hot video. Cody is 6′ tall and skinny, no wonder he’s a basketball player. As for Luke, he’s an 18 years old gymnastic. 2 athletic guys, and trust me, they give us one hell of a show. Cody is straight but you can tell from the interview that he could cross over lol As for Luke, he’s bi. Join Broke Straight Boys if you want to watch the full video and again Happy Birthday Broke Straight Boys!


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