Aggressive top on Broke Straight Boys

All I gotta say is “HOT fucking damn!”. That’s a nice way to start the week for me. I love hot aggressive sex and I remembered Anthony from one of our episodes at Broke Straight Boys, so I decided to post it today. I love this guy’s tattoo, I think it’s very sexy. Anthony moans and grunts a lot, the way I like it! I hate when guys just don’t make any noise, how fucking boring. I also love the way he fucks. Check out the video preview below, and see how he fucks Michael. HOT HOT HOT. Now that’s how a Straight guy should drill an ass. This episode got me all horny already and it’s not even 9am hehe lol I hope you like this episode :) You can check the full video at Broke Straight We now have a 1 day trial for $1.


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