3 way with Kevin, Ridge and Nathan

This is the latest update from Broke Straight Boys, a hot 3way with Kevin, Ridge and Nathan. First of all, Nathan! WTF were you thinking man? In this episode, he’s wearing an underwear that could be used for a Pampers ad LMAO Sorry but that’s a very lame underwear for a straight guy(?). Stop having your mom pick them up for you and be a man. Anyway, they’re still fucking hot, and if I had to choose, I’d pick Ridge (middle guy) I think. He looks like he could be a lot of fun. Nathan gets fucked, and RIDGE gets fucked too :) Check the video preview I made below.


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Straight Boy Shane fucks Nathan

This is an episode that actually surprised me. I thought Army looking boy Nathan was gonna fuck Shane, but nope, it’s the other way around. And not only Shane’s gonna fuck him but he’s gonna pound and make that little bitch hurt. This is one episode that got my full attention :) I think they’re both hot looking. Shane’s a hot fucker and ever since I saw him fucking, he’s been on top of my list :) I love when a guy is a little aggressive, it turns me on. This kind of stuff just gives me a hard on everytime :) This below is just a preview, WATCH THE FULL MOVIE and you tell me if it doesn’t make you want to tear an ass apart lol.


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