Sam, Reed and Kevin from Broke Straight Boys

What are you guys doing this week end? Me and a few friends are going to watch “planet of the apes” tomorrow, I hope it’s good. I’ll let you know :) Other than that, I don’t think I have anything else planned. I’m posting our latest episode from Broke Straight Boys. It’s a hot 3 way featuring 3 new straighties: Sam, Kevin and Reed. Sam is not photogenic at all, our photographer had the hardest time with him. In more than 20 pictures, Sam had his eyes half closed which resulted in weird ass pictures lol. But oh well, I don’t think people are interested in pictures anyway so it doesn’t matter hehe What matters is the hot sex on video :) Kevin is very cute I think, and he sure sucked a lot in this episode. I made this preview below so please check it out. Watch the FULL episode @ Broke Straight Boys.


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