Broke Straight Boys Ross and Kodi

Good morning guys. My neck is killing me today. I’ve been working so many hours on the computer lately that my back and neck hurt really bad. I can’t wait for this madness to slow down. Anybody from Dallas who wants to give me a massage :) Today we got Ross and Kodi from Quite frankly, I prefer Ross over Kodi, but in this video, Kodi’s facial expressions get me really hard so I decided to put this episode on my blog. Ross can fuck me anytime, and as Kodi, well I wouldn’t mind giving him a try either hehe. Join today for $1 :)


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Kodi get drilled by Ross!
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Erik fucks Ross on Broke Straight Boys

Erik and Ross are in the house baby! :) This is one of my favorite episode from This is Erik and Ross’ second episode with us and in this video, I find the kissing part really hot. There is nothing hotter than 2 straight guys passionately kissing :) When it came to the fucking, Erik started slapping Erik with a belt, I just wish he had done it harder lol hehe That’s my kinky side coming out :) Check out Erik and Ross’s video below and if you like it, you might want to join to watch the full version, it’s worth it!

I made a mistake when I worked on the video below, so the quality is not that great.
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