Josh Hartnett lookalike on Broke Straight Boys

Ok guys, I MUST post this video preview for you! Last week’s update on Broke Straight Boys features this guy that looks so much like Josh Hartnett, the actor. When I saw him, I had to double check cos I thought it was him lol Anyway, here’s the video so you can see for yourself and hopefully enjoy it :) Santos is ok in my book, just not really my type, though he’s got a nice big cock. One thing that is bizarre to me is Sean’s voice, it doesn’t fit him somehow hehe. Watch this preview and if you want to see more, please Join Broke Straight Boys for $1 for 3 days. Later guys :)


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Jayce and Sean: Broke Straight Boys

Hi guys, here is a preview for you, it’s the latest update on Broke Straight Boys that came out today. It’s with Jayce and Sean. Jayce used to be our Broke Straight Boys on the road. We would send him to clubs all around the USA to promote Broke Straight Boys. We finally asked him to come to the studio and shoot a sex scene for us so here it is. He’s a lot of fun! Enjoy the preview and JOIN broke straight boys FOR $1 if you want to see more.


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Fun 3 way at Broke Straight Boys

Howdy people who read my blog :) Today, I’m adding this episode with 2 gay guys, Sean and Jake and a straight boy, Tommy. I chose this video from Broke Straight Boys cos it’s hilarious. These guys are fun together and the intro is pretty entertaining. Look who’s got a boner (see picture below) the straight guy LOL Not so straight after all huh? hehe Oh well, who cares? I sure don’t as long as they entertain me :) This is one of our oldest videos (2007), and for some reason, only this episode doesn’t have high quality pictures, so I had to grab screenshots from the video. If you care to watch this whole movie, just check the site :) Broke Straight We now have a $1 trial so you can definitely check it out.


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