Broke Straight Boys: Jimmy fucks Tony

Man, I’m loving the new straight boys on more and more. I think we improved so much and the quality of our guys is superb. Jimmy, my new favorite straight boy, is just so hot and our members are starting to love him too. Jimmy got a rough start with our members cos he’s very much straight, has a girlfriend (a real one) and he’s a bit cocky at times so he can come off really arrogant but he’s really not, he’s a really nice guy, and I’m glad members get to see him for what he really is. Anyway, Jimmy’s fucking hot (we got that), but Tony is pretty handsome too. Different caliber, more of the twink-ish type which is ok. When I look at Tony, it’s obvious to me who’s gonna get fucked lol And I like it that way, cos Jimmy is a good fucker. One of my favorite part of this episode is when Jimmy does pushups and Tony takes it in his mouth. It’s hot and I got hard just thinking of Tony gagging on Jimmy’s fucking cock. Well, I hope you enjoy this preview below and that you join to view the whole video :)


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Broke Straight Boys Jamie and Tony

Hey guys, How are you all doing? Wow 10 days without posting huh? Boy do I suck! (Really good I must admit too lol). Lots of things happened this past week: I went to see Kylie on concert here in Dallas and it was fucking AMAZING! I’ve been a huge fan of hers for 24 years so this was long over due and I enjoyed every minute of it. We had a blast :) But I’m here to talk about porn so I got some hot guys for you today, Jamie and Tony from Broke Straight Boys. Tony’s now our members’ favorite guy and I can understand why. I’d fuck his tight hole in a heartbeat. As for Jamie, I’d let him fuck my hole anytime :) I’m pretty easy when it comes to sex, I like it all hehe Seriously, I really liked this episode just because I was attracted to both guys. What do you think? Do they get you hard? Join for $1.00 to watch the full length videos :) Later guys.


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Broke Straight Boys Justin and Tony

Hey guys, September is here! Summer went by so quick this year. I’m starting this month with an interracial episode, Broke Straight Boys Justin and Tony. Justin’s got a HUGE fucking dong! I’d suck on it, but there is no way in hell it’d get anywhere close to my ass. Poor Tony, I’m sorry for him, not only for taking that monster cock but to pose right next to Justin LMAO. I mean come on, the dude is going to have a big complex now. But I gotta say, watching Tony’s face while he gets fucked turns me on! You should really watch the entire video cos the video preview below is just a glimpse. Don’t miss out :)


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