Rocco fucks Zach on Broke Straight Boys

Hey guys, the sun is out and it’ll be very warm today so I’ll probably clean the pool and do some yard work; fascinating huh? lol Anyway, I’m drinking a coffee right now and thought I’d post our latest update from Broke Straight Boys before I get too busy. In this episode, we have Rocco (long hair) and Zach. Zach has a girlfriend (a real one, I saw her :) and it was funny to hear that she fingers his ass once in a while O.O We were only going to have Rocco fuck Zach with a dildo BUT we then talked to zach about doing more than that. He gets fucked by his girlfriend’s fingers so why not Rocco’s cock? lol It’s a really hot video in my opinion and I hope you enjoy it. Click here to JOIN for only $1


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Zach sucks Vinnie on Broke Straight Boys

Howdy guys, I hope you are all doing great today. I’m doing fine, my teeth are still hurting a bit today so going to the dentist tomorrow (blah!). Today’s update on Broke Straight Boys features a super hot boy Vinny. I’m totally in love with him. I love his body and his tats. Zach is not bad at all either and I’m sure some of you will love him too, he’s just not my type. My favorite part in this video is when Vinny makes Zach gag on his cock, I think it’s really hot. This episode has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 in the Broke Straight Boys members area so it’ll probably become one of the members’ favorite. Check it out below and enjoy :) TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO, Please JOIN for only $1.00

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