$1 trial Broke Straight Boys – Jayce, Sean and Leon

Today’s my day off! I’m not doing anything today but just relax. Our latest video on Broke Straight Boys is with our new boy Leon, members love him, then Sean and our sexy boy Jayce. I love Jayce. Have you seen his smile? It’s hard not to fall for it :) Anyway, Jayce was our Broke Straight Boys on the road model. He would go to clubs, events, and promote Broke Straight Boys. So of course, we had to ask him to give up the ass for us and get on the Broke Straight Boys futon. That’s what he did :) This is a very nice episode. I’m not too attracted to Sean, his posture reminds me of a gorilla, but he’s still cute, just not my type. My eyes are just focusing on Leon and Jayce right now.

Before the shooting starts, these guys had a lot of fun interacting with each other, and of course, we caught it on camera. Broke Straight Boys is not your typical porn site but I’ll post about this later on cos it deserves its own post :) For right now, enjoy this video, and don’t forget… BrokeStraightBoys.com is only $1.00 to join!


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Cousins Mike and Anthony on Broke Straight Boys

Anthony and Mike, the cousins are back on Broke Straight Boys!!!! That’s an episode you cannot miss. Not only they’re back on our famous futon, but they do it all: Kissing, Sucking, Rimming and Fucking. NO TABOO, these cousins just do it all. It works for me cos I gotta admit, this turns me on :) I never noticed before how big Mike’s cock is. Anthony’s hairy chest is hot as well. I enjoyed this video very much and I’m glad these 2 are back on BSB (Broke Straight Boys), so here’s a little preview, enjoy it :)  Click here to Watch the cousins on BrokeStraightBoys.com ($1 Exclusive TRIAL)


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Jona the Broke Straight Amish Boy

I don’t know if you guys know Taz, but he’s one hot latino guy. This shoot is pretty hot except for that guy “billy”, I’m really not crazy about him, and everytime I have to use these pictures for work, I always cut him out lol I know, I know, That’s mean. Anyway, we have an Amish guy, Jona. He’s average looking. What turns me on is the fact that he’s never had a cock in the ass, and you gotta watch him, he looks like he’s gonna cry when Taz pounds him. Poor little guy lol The sad part is that he’s back to his community. Oh well, at least, we were the first and only to get him on camera :) Check out Broke Straight Boys.com if you want to watch the whole video. It’s only $1.


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Double Penetration on Broke Straight Boys

Guys, Broke Straight Boys finally got its first DOUBLE PENETRATION! When David (our photographer) told me we were gonna have Danny and my hot boy Austin Grant fuck Nelson, I was like “ok alright, that’s nice”, but when he told me that they would fuck him at the same time, I just couldn’t wait to see this episode. These boys are really fucking Nelson really hard. I wish i could post the whole video but I really can’t… So if you’re interesting in watching this hot double penetration episode, here’s a link to Broke Straight Boys.com. We now have a $1 trial special, so there are no excuses anymore :)


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Straight Boy Shane fucks Nathan

This is an episode that actually surprised me. I thought Army looking boy Nathan was gonna fuck Shane, but nope, it’s the other way around. And not only Shane’s gonna fuck him but he’s gonna pound and make that little bitch hurt. This is one episode that got my full attention :) I think they’re both hot looking. Shane’s a hot fucker and ever since I saw him fucking, he’s been on top of my list :) I love when a guy is a little aggressive, it turns me on. This kind of stuff just gives me a hard on everytime :) This below is just a preview, WATCH THE FULL MOVIE and you tell me if it doesn’t make you want to tear an ass apart lol.


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Ryan pounds Danny at Broke Straight Boys

This has got to be one of my favorites. Broke Straight Boys Danny and Ryan. Danny (on the right) is very hot and Ryan is not bad at all. This video started with the usual stuff, but suddenly, it got wild and really hot. If you like acrobatic fucking, well here’s one for you. I love how Danny fucks Ryan upside down, and a few minutes later, Ryan decides to do the same thing and tries to fuck while carrying Danny! I mean you gotta see that. Payback is definitely a bitch LOL Danny is one of our most famous straight boy. Our members just love him. He’s one of those guys that are still on the fence (straight or gay?), but until he figures it out, we’ll enjoy any videos he makes :)


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