Prince Harry caught naked!

Good morning guys. I’ve always been turned on by naked pictures of male celebrities and this morning, I found out that Prince Harry was caught naked in Las Vegas. May I say YUMMY!!?? Here are 2 photos of Harry around a pool table with some drunk girls in a game of strip billiards. The pictures were identified and indeed, it’s the real Prince Harry depicted in those pictures. You can’t really see his cock (boo!) but you can see a nice shot of his ass. Now that’s an ass I’d like to play with :) What do you think? HOT or NOT?

Do I look like Jason Statham?

Hey guys, it’s snowing here! We got 4 inches of snow here in Dallas, TX and it’s really unusual. I’m loving it and so do my dogs :) OK, I have a question to ask you guys. For the past 2 years, I’ve had several people telling me I look like the actor Jason Statham and quite frankly, I just don’t see it… at all. I wish I was as hot as him! What do you think? Do we look alike a little? Could he be my Daddy? hehe

Would you do Zac Efron?

New Shirtless Pictures of Zac on the set of his new movie: The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Ok I gotta say, I never was interested in him before, I thought he was too “Disney”, and all the High School Musical crap was too lame for me. But HOT DAMN this boy turned into a man quick. These new pictures of him shirtless are very hot, now he got all my attention! It looks like he’s got a nice bulge too, it doesn’t look HUGE but it sure does look like a lot of fun hehe
Zach Efron ShirtlessZach Efron Shirtless

Broke Straight Boys Top10 Cumshots

It’s Sunday and I still have no A/C working, fortunately they can repair it tomorrow cos it’s fricking hot! I still tried to make a little something for you guys, It’s the Broke Straight Boys TOP 10 cumshots, well MY top 10 :) Enjoy…

No A/C this week end :(

Our central air stopped working yesterday, the reason why I didn’t post anything. No A/C in Texas when it’s more than 100 degrees outside SUCKS ASS! Not only we had a hard time finding someone to come fix it, when that person came and replaced what needed to be replaced, the mother board of the air conditioner blew! So now we have to wait till Monday so he can get the right piece. Meanwhile, it sucks here lol We went to buy a window unit for now so we can at least cool the living room off. Oh well, it could be worse I guess. Ever tried sleeping with a windows unit on? That’s hell. Anybody on who want to keep me… mmmm cold lol

Fucking A/C not workingWindow unit we boughtBear cooling off

WTF is that?! Troll alert!

It looks like it’s official, Trollito loves
Broke Straight

Broke Straight Boys has 950+ episodes featuring 350 straight dudes. Come and check it out, all you have to lose is $1: Broke Straight

Broke Straight Boys FREE access?

Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of emails these past days from people asking me to send them a free access to Broke Straight Boys. Sorry but this is ridiculous. NO I do not giveaway access to the site for free! Even though I work from Broke Straight Boys, I still can’t give free access. So please stop asking me. Membership for this site starts at $1, come on! It’s ONE BUCK, one dollar, 100 cents. Just $1 for 3 days. If you don’t like it, just cancel within the 3 days, that’s it. So please please, don’t ask me again. Here, I made a coupon, just use it and jack off on some good exclusive content :)

Scott from Real World Brooklyn

Do you remember Scott Herman? The guy from MTV’s real world “Brooklyn”. He was always working out and showing off his abs. Well he recently modeled for /baskit/. Here are all the pictures i could found of him. I wish he would show more but that’ll do it for now :) He’s very hot indeed.

Scott Herman from Real World

Scott Herman from Real World


Scott Herman from Real World

Scott Herman from Real World

Scott Herman from Real World

I want Bob Harper bad!

Ok, I got a total crush on Bob Harper, one of the trainer of “The biggest loser”. He’s so fucking sexy. I just wish he would leak a few naked pictures of himself lol or even better, a video :) or if not, he can call me, and we can arrange that hehe

Bob Harper

Relaxing at the pool

Howdy Howdy. Today was a HOT day. I’m talking about 105 degrees. The pool is not even cool anymore but very warm. I worked on some banners for Broke College Boys this morning, made a few changes on some of the websites and then took a break… so i decided to get in the pool and relax. I took the camera with me cos i wanted to take a few pictures of me in the pool. It turned out that i took like 300 pictures lol And of course only a few were good. Some people are just born to look hot in front of a camera, but  that’s just not me. I have to take zillions of pictures to have a few good ones lol poor me huh? hehe

Me in the pool

Me in the pool

Me in the pool