Sam, Reed and Kevin from Broke Straight Boys

What are you guys doing this week end? Me and a few friends are going to watch “planet of the apes” tomorrow, I hope it’s good. I’ll let you know :) Other than that, I don’t think I have anything else planned. I’m posting our latest episode from Broke Straight Boys. It’s a hot 3 way featuring 3 new straighties: Sam, Kevin and Reed. Sam is not photogenic at all, our photographer had the hardest time with him. In more than 20 pictures, Sam had his eyes half closed which resulted in weird ass pictures lol. But oh well, I don’t think people are interested in pictures anyway so it doesn’t matter hehe What matters is the hot sex on video :) Kevin is very cute I think, and he sure sucked a lot in this episode. I made this preview below so please check it out. Watch the FULL episode @ Broke Straight Boys.


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Do you like my blog?

Hey guys, I have a question for you. Do you like my blog: The blog has been online for 2 years now and I really do enjoy showing you guys some of our episodes. But are you enjoying the blog as much as I am? I’m just curious :) Please let me know. Thanks, Steve

Broke Straight Boys: Jimmy and Mick

Hey guys, Steve here. I hope you guys are doing awesome. I’m doing good actually, except that I can’t wait for winter. It’s been 100+ degrees here everyday for the past month and it’s starting to get annoying. There is this stray cat that comes everyday so I feed him food, but I feel bad for him in this heat :( I can’t take him in because of the dogs. I give him cold water, I even put ice in the water lol I hope it makes a difference for him. Anyway, I’m posting this new episode from Broke Straight Boys with Jimmy and Mick. Mick is getting a real fan club in my members area. Members are going crazy about him and I can understand why :) Personally, Jimmy is more my type, so I’m a “team” Jimmy :) It’s actually, I believe, the first episode where Jimmy sucks a cock, I work with some much porn that I can’t remember lol But here it is, Jimmy sucks Mick’s dick and fuck his tight hole. Enjoy, I gotta go :) Watch the FULL episode when you join Broke Straight Boys.


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Jack and Mark kissing and fucking

Jack and Mark sitting in a tree… K.I.S.S.I.N.G… lol when I watched this episode, that’s the song that came up in mind. From the kissing scene to the sucking to the fucking, these 2 straighties seem to have great chemistry. I find Jack so fucking damn cute, your typical all American boy. As for Mark, I don’t know what’s up with him, but he looks so constipated. I know right, talking about constipation on the porn site is probably a big no-no lol But hey I call them as I see them :) Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode, but again any episodes with Jack work for me. I gotta say Mark took it all so well; Jack’s cock just slid in Mark’s ass so easily, and watching Mark eat Jack’s cum at the end was awesome. Good job guys! Watch the video below and let me know if you like it, and if you do, please join the website for only $1. Please :) hehe Enjoy guys. Steve


Watch the video below.

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Ass painting on Broke Straight Boys

Mick and Bobby feature in this hot new episode of Broke Straight Boys. I usually post on my blog in the morning, but I enjoyed this episode so much that I decided to post it before going to bed. These 2 boys are here to show off their creative side, and boy are they creative lol I don’t mind seeing our straight guys having fun once in a while and watching them paint on each other’s ass is like… weird, fun weird :) I never noticed how thick Mick’s cock is, until this episode. When I saw him fuck Bobby, I was like damn, this boy sure is packing hehe. Like I said, I enjoyed this video very much and I’m now a “Team Mick” :) Alright time for bed, so good night guys and hope you enjoy this video. Please visit Broke Straight Boys and if you like what you see, join the website for only $1.


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Broke Straight Boys Jamie and Jack

It’s been a while since we had some straight boys play with toys, and today we have one! Jamie and Jack features in this new video from Not only these guys are super sexy (More Jack than Jamie in my opinion), the 2 straighties gave us a great show. The dildo scene was very hot to watch and I couldn’t wait to see Jack get fucked. He took the dildo and Jamie’s cock like a champ. I don’t care for toys really, but I thought the dildo play was pretty hot. What do you think? Alright, I gotta go take a shower cos I got tons of errands to do today. The FULL video is available on Broke Straight Boys. Memberships start at $1 for 3 days. It’s really cheap :) Give it a try at least, you can cancel anytime.


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New Boy Sam on Broke Straight Boys

Hello guys, how are you all doing? I’m all good, just a lot of work to do as usual. It’s so hot here in Texas, it’s been 100+ degrees for 17 days and it sucks. We have a new boy on Broke Straight Boys, his name is Sam, cute 18 years old from Jacksonville, Florida. This is his first porn video so we went easy on him. We figured a jackoff would be best to start with. We didn’t want to scare him after all :) He has a very nice toned body and his cock is quite nice too, around 8.5 inches. Now the question is: Would you ride it, or suck it? Personally, I’d do both lol I’d play with his fat meat like there is no tomorrow. I made a quick video below, enjoy :) The FULL video is available on Broke Straight Boys. Memberships start at $1 for 3 days. It’s really cheap :) Give it a try at least, you can cancel anytime.


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Scott Isaac Fucks Ashton Rush on CollegeDudes

Yum! 2 hot guys from Scott Isaac and Ashton Rush. This episode has kissing, sucking, spanking, fucking, gagging, dirty talking… That’s one hell of a video and I’m loving it. I figured I’d share with you guys. Hopefully you enjoy it as well. Ashton and Scott seemed really into each other before we filmed them together, but the results were even more than we expected. Scott and Ashton get so intense right away kissing and grabbing at each others crotches. The rest of the video is even hotter and if there is one video you have to watch today, please at least check this one out :) This video is part of :) You can join that website for only $1.00 for 3 days

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Mick fucks Jamie on Broke Straight Boys

Jamie is finally getting fucked, and I’m happy to see him take Mick’s thick dick. Jamie is really cocky, and talks way too much so when I heard that we were going to have him get fucked for the first time, the first thought that came to mind was “I hope it hurts” lol and it did :) Mick’s such a cutie, and he’s got a nice one too. Watch the video below and you’ll see how thick his cock gets when he’s hard, like a nice burrito. Yum! Anyway, I made a video for you guys so you can preview this episode. I hope you like it, I sure enjoyed it. Mick’s my favorite guy on Broke Straight Boys right now and I sure hope we get to see more of him. Watch the full video on Memberships start at $1 for 3 days. It’s really cheap :) Give it a try at least, you can cancel anytime.


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