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Hey guys, it’s Friday and I’m loving it! We’re getting a new roof here at the house and it’s been one hell of a noisy day so I’ll be happy once it’s over. That didn’t stop me from posting on my blog :) Updating my blog is probably my favorite thing to do everyday so I won’t let nails and hammers stop that. I hope you guys are ready for the week end. I know I am. I wanted to post something from today. I know I already posted a video of Alex Jordan this week but he’s just so damn cute that I had to post another video of him. Once again, the dude gets nailed in the ass, and I wouldn’t want it any other way; he’s a cute bottom and good at it. Trent Ferris is really hot too, probably more my type. As for Kyle, mmmm Kyle who? lol Enjoy.


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Daniel Grange from Broke Straight Boys

We got a hottie today on and his name is Daniel Grange. Brown hair, blue eyes, toned body, cute butt, cock sucker, bottom, top… He’s got it all and does it all. He has featured in several episodes already where he jerks off in a solo scene, eats Mick Torrence’s ass, fucks Adam Baer, sucks both guys, and gets his ass plowed. This broke boy can say he did it all on Broke Straight Boys :) Totally my type of guy, not picky and easy to satisfy. I made a video compilation of all his scenes so I hope you enjoy it :) If you want to see more of Daniel, please join Broke Straight Boys: it’s only $1 for 3 days.


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College Boy Physicals: Dr Taylor and Travis

collegeboyphysicals-taylor-travisHello everybody. Do you have a hot doctor? I wish I had one as hot as Dr Taylor from College Boy Physicals. This dude is so fucking hot. When I first saw him, he reminded me of the actor “Mike Vogel” from the TV hit series “Under The Dome”. I know it’s not him but hey, can’t a man fantasize a little bit? :) I enjoyed this episode, and mostly Dr Taylor’s thick cock, though I would have done more with it that just sucking it :) I hope you like this episode. Gotta eat something. Later guys.collegeboyphysicals-taylor-travis2collegeboyphysicals-taylor-travis3collegeboyphysicals-taylor-travis4

Doesn’t Dr Taylor look like Mike Vogel “Barbie” from the TV show “Under the Dome”? I wish!!! :)


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Broke Straight Boys: Liam, Skyler and Adam

Hey guys, I thought I’d post an episode from Broke Straight Boys today. A hot 3-way with Skyler, Adam and Liam. Guess who gets fucked today? Who do you think wants a cock in his ass? Adam is. Skyler and Liam are taking turns on Adam’s ass. It is another bareback video from, so if you like a hot dude taking it up the ass raw, then you’ll be happy with this episode. (All the boys have been tested prior to shooting the scene). Between these 3 guys, I really like Skyler the most. I find him really sexy. Adam is cute too but I’d suck Skyler before I do Adam :) Liam is so so I guess, just not my type. Ok, Gotta get back to work, so enjoy this episode from Broke Straight Boys.


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Alex Jordan: the guy with a hot fuckable ass

Happy Monday everybody. I hope that for most of us Mondays suck but let’s see if I can brighten up your day a little :) I can already see all the tops out there getting all excited hehe Here’s a hot fucking new boy from You like a smooth, young bottom whose ass is very hungry? Well here you go: Meet Alex Jordan. Doesn’t it have a hot ass? That picture of him on the bed makes me want to jump in and rape the shit out of his tight ass. His face is so adorable, you just want to kiss him too (right before you plow him of course :) I added a video of him getting fucked also at the bottom of this post. The lucky top is Kyle Harley. In this video, Kyle fucks Alex’s yummy asshole raw! And even cums inside Alex. So fucking hot to watch! If you didn’t realize, I’m very horny today hehe Enjoy. If you want to watch the full length video, please join for $1 for 3 days.


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Broke Straight Boys : Blake, Brandon & Johnny

I hope you guys are having a great week end. Here in Texas, it’s only 85 degrees and this is a nice break from the 100s that we’ve been getting. I got a few friends over today and we went in the pool for a bit. One of my friends brought his new boyfriend and oh shit, the guy was wearing a speedo and you could see this humongous bulge. You could really tell the outline of his cock and a few of us were loving it :) I know this post is worthless without a picture, sorry guys. I gotta admit, I had a semi when I saw him :) Anyway, here is an episode of Broke Straight Boys featuring Blake, Brandon and Johnny. A very hot 3way that involves Blake getting fucked by both guys RAW. Blake sure takes it like a champ, bottom boy just loves getting drilled and you can really tell :)

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College Boy Physicals: Angel and the nurse

It’s Friday and I cannot wait to get off work :) Let’s end the week with a hot episode from College Boy Physicals. 2 cute blonds with smoking lean bodies. Ever heard of “Lean Mean Swedish Machine“? Well they’re not Swedish but you know what I mean :) Angel started sucking the nurse, and sucking more, and some more till the nurse finally unloaded and I was like “WTF! Already?!?”. Well it wasn’t over yet! The hot blond nurse got up and started sucking on Angel’s dick. PS: He’s a very nice cock sucker, and I sure would pull him by his hair so that he could gag on my cock :) Finally it was time for some hot fucking. Nurse Paranoi bent over and spread his ass cheeks for Angel’s cock to penetrate his hole. So fucking yummy! Anyway, the episode ended with BOTH guys unloading. Yep the nurse came twice in this video, and that’s pretty awesome :) If you want to watch the full video, please join College Boy Physicals… It’s only $1 for a 3 day trial :)


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Broke Straight Boys: Mick, Adam and Kaden

Hey guys, we got some color on this week. Meet Kaden, Mick and Mr Adam Baer. Since Broke Straight Boys was launched back in 2006, we haven’t had many black dudes on it. Not because we weren’t looking for some, but it’s actually really hard to find straight black guys who want to get dirty in front of a camera, so I’m very glad that we finally found Kaden. He’s 19 years old with a hot sexy body and an 8 inch uncut cock who looks so damn yummy. Oh and he’s also a “country boy”, what’s not to like :) In this episode, Adam takes control and that’s a side of him that I like. Both Adam and Mick fuck Kaden’s ass who’s more than hungry for cock. Though I wish they had played with Kaden’s foreskin a little bit, oh well, that’s something we can look forward to :) Enjoy this video below.


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Broke Straight Boys at the 2013 Denver Pridefest

Some of the boys were sent to represent at the 2013 Denver Pride. Here is a lineup of the boys right before their trip to downtown. I gotta say, I’m proud to see the logo I created plastered all over town and the boys :) If you want to see all the behind the scenes, please join Broke Straight Boys.brokestraightboys

J-Lo’s boyfriend has an average size cock?

Casper may be a hot fucker but his pecker looks average to me. Mind you, I’d still play with it, I’m not an idiot :) Here he is walking down the street with his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and you can very much see the outline of his cock. I give it a good 5 or 6 inches which is really not back at all, but you know, him being Hispanic, I’d expected bigger hehe It does look thick though.