Jon hamm’s huge bulge

I’m such a sucker for bulges, mostly with male celebrities, and this one got my cock really hard. The actor Jon Hamm seriously got a huge cock. It’s apparently sleeping and still probably is like 8-9 inches. Can you imagine when that fucker is hard? That’s got to destroy some pussies and asses. Not only Jon looks very masculine but with such a big tool, all the bottoms must be salivating real bad. I know I am :) Even his balls look huge… Probably full too :)


Bottom Boy Bieber does it again

Justin Bieber should be named BBB “Bottom Boy Bieber” cos it’s obvious to me that he’s 100% bottom. I don’t know what’s up with him but either he’s not getting any from the girls and he’s fucking horny, or his ass just wants some cocks, but either or, BBB is hungry and is asking for something :) Lately, he’s been posting a lot of yummy pictures of himself; not that I have any problems with that. The more the better. How about a cock picture next time?

justin-bieber-naked justin-bieber-naked2

Here’s an older photo of his ass. Would you do him?


Broke Straight Boys: Damien and Mick

Hey guys, here’s the latest episode from Broke Straight Boys, and it features Damien Kyle and Mick Torrence (aka Sex God, that’s how he calls himself lol). Right off the bat, the first thing that Mick says in this video is “We’re going to fuck the shit out of each other.” So after that, I kinda didn’t care what they were talking about, I just wanted to see them in action, so I fast forwarded the video (sorry I was horny and wanted to skip all the chit chat). Suddenly, I see Damien’s cock penetrating Mick’s ass and that’s when I started getting hard. I’ve known Damien for a few years and he’s got quite a few videos inside Broke Straight Boys, but as for Mick Torrence, he’s pretty new and I don’t know him that well, but I like him! This dude is made for porn. Enjoy the pictures and the video below. is only $1 for 3 days.


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Broke Straight Boys Blake and Lucas

TGIF! I’ve been working on Teen girls porn sites all week long for my job and yeah, another reason why I’m glad to be gay. I cannot wait for my boss to give me the “GO” to start on our new gay site :) (Can’t say much about it right now). So I’m glad I still have my blog where I can go back to my roots :) Let’s talk about “straighties”: Blake Bennet and Lucas (Whatever his last name is). Blake is such a hungry bossy bottom whore and I like that. He’s been on Broke Straight Boys for quite a while now so I’m not sure that we can still consider him “straight” but at this point, gay or straight, I’m just glad he’s still around making porn for us to watch, plus he’s easy on the eyes :) Lucas is cute too. He’s got a little pouch but it’s ok, I wouldn’t throw him out of bed hehe Enjoy that video below the pictures :) Oh Did I mention they fuck bareback?! Join for only $1 :)


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Meet Gage Anderson

Oh boy, I haven’t posted any videos for for almost 2 years. Bad bad me!!! But I hope you’ll forgive me after watching this hot blond dude with a long skinny dick :) My ex had a 9 inch thin cock as well and personally I think those are awesome!! lol Gage Anderson is so fricking handsome. I’m usually not into the “old-bieber-ish-hairdo) but it looks really sexy on Gage. This boy is 18 years old, and from a nice six-pack, strong legs and a rock hard cock, Gage is perfect from head to toe! In your opinion, is he a bottom or a top? I know the answer, but I’ll post the video next week hehe OR you could join ($1 for 3 days trial) and see for yourself :)

CollegeDudes Gage AndersonCollegeDudes Gage Anderson

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Broke Straight Boys: Brandon abuses Tyler bareback

Here’s another bareback video from Broke Straight Boys. This time Brandon Beal gets his way with this new dude Tyler Blaze. One of my favorite thing ever is when the guy cums on the bottom’s asshole and then pushes the cum in with his cock. Man this just gets my cock up :) Between Brandon and Tyler, my dick would point towards Tyler, he’s got a face I want to kiss and skull fuck at the same time lol But for now, I’ll just have to enjoy Brandon abuse this straight boy’s ass bareback. Enjoy too :) And if you want to watch the hot ending, please join for only $1 :)

Broke Straight Boys: Brandon abuses Tyler bareback

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Broke Straight Boys do the Harlem Shake

Well I knew that one day some of those Broke Straight Boys would just go cuckoo, and it looks like it’s now official :) Crazy fun! I gotta say that Broke Straight Boys has some of the funniest and most awesome Behind the Scene videos of all porn sites. Here’s just a sample, to watch the full length of this video, you have to be a member of Broke Straight Boys.

Newbie Skyler gets a taste of Jason’s sausage

Is everything bigger in Texas? I’m not sure :) I’ve seen some pretty little dicks in Dallas lol In this Broke Straight Boys episode, we have old timer Jason Mathews (Still broke lol), and newbie Skyler Daniels who comes from Texas! He’s really cute if you like young smooth guy with a 7″ cock. I’d do him for sure, but again, who wouldn’t? Jason Matthews sure did him good, and Skyler took it like a champ. It’s a very good video that is worth watching. Yummy! Join today for only $1 :)


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Howdy guys! I’m back

steveparisHey guys, this has been such a long time since I posted on ThisBlogisGay. A lot of things happened since January so I had to take a break from the blog to focus on my life. As some of you know now, I don’t work for Broke Straight Boys anymore. I now work on Straight porn which is what I used to do 10 years ago before working for Broke Straight Boys. It’s actually a nice change and so far so good :) DON’T WORRY! I ain’t gonna start posting straight content in here lol

So that’s it, I’m back and I hope you’ll keep coming around here to check me out :)

Broke Straight Boys Goes Bareback!

Howdy y’all! We got a first on Broke Straight Boys, management decided to start shooting bareback sex. YEP that’s right, Broke Straight Boys Goes Bareback! All the guys have been tested prior to shooting and all safety measures have been taken. This episode is extremely HOT! I didn’t know that bareback sex could turn me on so much. I’m not sure what it is that gets me so hard; The bottom’s vulnerability, or the fact that Johnny cums in Lucas’ ass! This episode just came out today and it’s already getting great reviews. Great Video! Join today for only $1 :)

Broke Straight Boys Goes Bareback!

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