Hot threesome on Broke Straight Boys

Good morning. It’s Saturday and so early. It stormed all night and one of my dogs kept me awake. Do you guys have any plans today? I don’t really have anything plans other than cleaning this damn house, so that’s probably gonna be it today, so much fun :) Anyway, I’m starting the day with one hot video, featuring red hair Conner, slim anthony and curly Bobby. These guys have great chemistry together and we knew it was gonna be a killer video. From a chain of cock sucking to a chain of ass fucking, this video just has a lot of hot scenes to enjoy. Watch all the videos (675 total) at Broke Straight Boys for only $1 for 3 days :)


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So much cleaning!

It’s really nice outside so I finally decided to mow the grass this morning and I also cleaned up the pool while the dogs were taking it easy :) I love the smell of freshly cut grass. Reminder: Look for a houseboy to do all that work for me next time hehe By the way, the Golder retriever is Ginger and we’ve had her since last November. I hope you guys are having a great week end.

Hot new boy on Broke Straight Boys: Blake

Hi guys. Any plans this week end? For me, it’s pretty much spring cleaning. I have to take care of the pool, trim some trees, mow the yard and clean the house. Fascinating huh? lol But no really, I need to take care of the house cos it seriously needs some attention :) I might work on the blog too cos I’ve been slacking lately and I don’t like that. Anyway, I got a hot new guy to show you; his name is Blake Bennet and I think you’re gonna like him. He’s a genuine southern guy and our members seem to be falling in love with his charms. Blake is so easy going and loves to chat with our members. He joined the Broke Straight Boys message board 2 weeks ago and has already posted so much. He’s very entertaining and so damn nice :) Here’s his first ever solo video, I hope you enjoy it :) Watch all of Blake’s videos at Broke Straight Boys for only $1 for 3 days :)



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Rocco fucks Anthony on Broke Straight Boys

Howdy y’all. Wow it’s been a while since I posted something on my blog :( A lot of things happened since the last time. We got a new puppy, a Golden Retriever, she’s sooo cute and such a trouble maker. Her and the beagle get along so well so I’m happy about that :) I’ve been exercising more too, trying to stay in shape though I’d like to be more motivated cos running on a treadmill like a gerbil is not really fun. Anyway, how about some porn now :) This is an episode from our site Broke Straight Boys. It features Rocco and Anthony. They’ve been on the site before so you might know them already. I gotta say, Anthony took it like a champ in this video and from all angles lol Rocco was more than willing to fuck him in any positions possible and I was more than happy to watch it all. These 2 guys together are really fun to watch so I hope we get to see them again. Have a good day guys! Join Broke Straight Boys and watch 1000+ videos. You can try the website for only $1 for 3 days :)


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Bobby gets fucked on Broke Straight Boys

Hey guys, I’m finally back. I haven’t posted anything in a while because I needed to take a small break. I had been working non stop for a while and I guess I needed to stop and start enjoying life outside porn :) Lots of things happened those past months. We got a new puppy! A Golden Retriever who’s a handful I’m telling you lol But I love her, I might post some pictures of her later. Anyway, you’re probably here to watch some porn so let’s get to it :) This is Jimmy and Bobby from our site Broke Straight Boys. Jimmy has always been one of my favorites and boy I’d like to get my hand on his cock lol Bobby is so much fun too! I’m posting a video (see below) where you can see Bobby “howling” as Jimmy’s cock penetrates his ass, it’s funny to watch lol It’s a fun and hot episode and the 2 boys seem to have great chemistry. I hope we get to see them together again soon :) Watch this video preview I made below and Join Broke Straight Boys and watch 1000+ videos. You can try the website for only $1 for 3 days :)


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Rocco is back to fuck Colin on Broke Straight Boys

Hi guys, I hope you are all doing great. I’m super! Just drank a coffee and ready to work, even though I really don’t feel like it. I wish I could spend the whole day working on this blog but I can’t right now with all the work we have to do. Anyway, how about some porn? This video came out a few days ago, it features Rocco and Colin. Yep, Rocco is back after taking a break. He’s letting his hair grow again and members are now happy. Most of them didn’t care for Rocco with really short hair. But him and his nice cock are back to fuck some straight dudes, and for this episode, he gets to have fun with Colin’s butthole. I love Colin! He’s posting more now in the Broke Straight Boys members area and he’s so much fun. He’s also a freak, and I dig that a lot. I haven’t met him yet but I sure hope I get to meet him someday soon and I’ll make sure to take a picture and post it here on my blog. So, today Rocco fucks Colin and it’s a hot video (of course or I wouldn’t post it :). Colin’s tight ass was so hungry, and Rocco was happy to feed it. Watch this video preview I made below and Join Broke Straight Boys and watch 680+ videos. You can try the website for only $1 for 3 days :)


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Chad gets it rough on Broke Straight Boys

We have another episode with Chad this morning on Chad is becoming a popular model on the site, everybody loves him including me. He has a very handsome face, smooth lean body and a nice cock too but not as nice as Darren’s dick. Now that’s a tool I’d like to put my mouth on but what attracts me to Darren the most is his rough side when he fucks. Totally my type. Don’t you like to have sometimes a guy that takes control? I do! And Darren likes to take control, and he sure did in this episode. He owned Chad’s ass and I really enjoyed watching this video. It even looks like Chad liked it really much, but if he didn’t, he sure took it like a champ! This video just came out this morning on BrokeStraightBoys so I can’t wait to see what our members have to say about it. Watch 680+ videos and join the fun on Broke Straight Boys. You can try the website for only $1 for 3 days :)


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Only at Jerry Ford fucks Tom Faulk

Who doesn’t like the “Surfer Boy” type! Here’s our latest episode from I gotta say, we have some very handsome guys on the site and today is no exception with Tom Faulk and Jerry Ford. Tom Faulk looks like a surfer dude with his long blond hair, toned body; you can easily picture him on the beach riding a wave or in this case, riding a cock. When I first saw Tom, I knew that someone was gonna pull his hair while fucking his ass and yep, I was right, Jerry took the opportunity and that was HOT to watch! I can’t believe that we now have more than 400 episodes on! 400 exclusive videos filmed by us only. We don’t buy our videos, we make them ourselves and I gotta admit that I’m proud of it. I just love my job. You can try for $1 for a whole day. Click here.

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2 hot guys on Broke Straight Boys: Chad and Anthony

Good afternoon y’all. I wanted to post this new episode from this morning but I had lots of work to do so I’m only posting it now. Chad and Anthony are really good looking and I enjoyed watching Anthony getting his ass fucked. This video is now our number 1 members favorite episode and I can understand why, Chad and Anthony look like your typical “Broke Straight Boys” guys, young, slim, cute :) It kinda looks like Chad had a hard time getting a hard-on; you can tell when he started fucking Anthony, his dick was semi hard. It didn’t bother me a bit though cos even not fully hard, his cock is pretty nice :) Now here’s the part that we don’t see much on Broke Straight Boys; Chad came inside Anthony, well with a condom of course, but I thought it was fucking hot. It was kind of an “oops” and it was nice to hear Chad say “I think I just came” while he was still inside Anthony’s ass. When he pulled out, you could see his load filling up the condom. Yum! JOIN Broke Straight Boys for only $1.00


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Jimmy and Drake fucks Jamie on Broke Straight Boys

We have a hot 3 way on today. My boy Jimmy and Drake fucks Jamie. I always say that straight guys wear the stupidest underwear and in this episode, we get to see a hot pink one lol Oh boy! Anyway, I had fun watching this video because for one, the 3 straight boys have a great chemistry and it really shows in this episode and then Jimmy’s “alpha make” side comes out and I like that! I mean yeah it’s all for fun but it still gave me hard on. I have to admit that I didn’t care for Drake when I first saw him last week but now, I find him really sweet and funny and I enjoy him. He’s a good guy. As for Jamie, he’s such a bottom lol Always talks tough but likes it rough :) I hope you enjoy this video below that I made and please support us by joining Broke Straight Boys for only $1.00


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