College Dudes: Tim fucks Kurt

Morning guys. As usual, drinking coffee here. I just realized that the last video from that I posted here was more than 1 month ago :( So here’s one for you. I went through the 100′s of videos we have and decided to show you this one. It features Tim Vander and Kurt Wild. I must admit, I’m more familiar with the’s models so I don’t really know the collegeDudes guys that much, but this scene caught my eyes. There is a bit of everything going on in this video except for kissing, hot damn there is a lot of that. You like kissing? Well this video is for you! They can’t seem to give their lips a break, seriously. These 2 guys are gay, not straight, and you can tell in this video cos they sure know what they’re doing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :) Gotta work for another hour and then go to the mall before it gets full of the wrong kind of people lol Have a good day guys. You can join for only $1.00.

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$1 trial Broke Straight Boys – Bobby and Kevin

Hey guys, Steve here and working as usual. I wanted to post something from our website College Boy Physicals but I decided to show our latest video from Broke Straight Boys instead. It features Bobby and Kevin. I know a lot of you love Bobby, the reason why I wanted to show this episode today. Kevin is alright, he’s cute, got a big cock, nice body. Bobby is so much better with his short hair. I mentioned a few times that I’m not into long hair so I’m glad he chopped it off. There is a lot going on in this video: jacking off, sucking, fucking (flip flop :), rimming and I’m probably forgetting some. It’s a cool video, nothing to complain at all. Click here to watch Bobby and Kevin’s FULL video + 1000 other episodes for only $1.


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Kevin fucks Mark on

Howdy guys, how are y’all doing? Damn, I sounded like a cowboy for a second hehe Mondays are a bitch! I have a full week ahead and not looking forward to it. I have to change the video previews on the front page of and I kinda have an idea of what to display but editing videos is a pain in the butt. Oh well, at least it’ll show people some of our newest guys, so it’s a good thing. Anyway, today I’m posting Kevin and Mark from Broke Straight Boys. I gotta admit that when I first saw the pictures of Kevin and Mark, I was not “that” excited. I mean yeah they’re fine, but I thought the episode was gonna suck to tell you the truth. Well it didn’t and I was very surprised. It actually gave me a nice hard on. Kevin and Mark’s chemistry was on the money and Kevin’s dick is quite nice. The fucking was awesome, Kevin’s a dirty talker so he got a “B+” from me :) As for Mark, he sure took it like a champ, what a good straight bitch :) I hope you enjoy this video I made for you below. Gotta work now, later dudes. Visit Broke Straight


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You remember Logan from Broke Straight Boys?

We sent some of our Broke Straight Boys (Jimmy, Rob Ryder, Cole and Jack) to the Chicago Market Days over the week end and they ran into Logan, one of our ex-BrokeStraightBoys. Some of you might remember him, he was quite a success on the site. He talked to Jimmy, our new guy and it was very nice to see the”old model” with the new model :) We got it all on camera and Logan even gave us a little interview which we’ll be adding to the Broke Straight Boys members area in a few days. I gotta admit, it was cool to see him again! Become a fan and join Broke Straight Boys for only $1 :)

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$1 trial: Colin and Jack on Broke Straight Boys

Good morning everybody. I just drank a cup of coffee, listening to Paula Abdul, and working on my blog. You know, I was wondering last night if anybody actually reads my blog lol Maybe not, but I’m still enjoying doing it so why not. I still hope some of you are reading it though hehe. We got a new boy on Broke Straight Boys, his name is Colin. When I first saw him, I didn’t really know what to think: cute? not cute?… and then I saw his nude pictures and I was like “HOT”. He has such a lean mean body, ripped abs and yeah so damn sexy. That’s when everything pulled together for me, and he’s definitely a cutie! Boy was he nervous before the shoot. The whole idea of “I’ve got another man’s cock in my mouth” was getting to him, but once Jack and him started shooting, it went perfectly fine, even more than we had though :) You can see Colin and Jack on Broke Straight Boys.


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Broke Straight Boys Bobby and Darren

Bobby cut his hair off? What’s all I’ve been hearing recently in the members area of Broke Straight Boys. Members have mixed feelings about it, some like the long hair, some prefer the short hair. Personally, it doesn’t matter to me cos he’s hot both ways. What do you think? In this episode, Bobby is with Darren. They already had a scene together a few months ago that was awesome so I’m glad to have them back again. Bobby is a hot little fucker and I like the way he fucks. It is a very good episode indeed. Click here to watch Bobby and Darren’s FULL episode.


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Straight boy farts while having sex

Ok guys, I apologize in advance for this post lol but I had to post it. I was working on our latest Broke Straight Boys episode featuring Bobby and Darren and in the middle of the fucking, I heard this weird noise. I’m pretty much sure I know what it is but I wanted to share it with you so you can judge by yourself. Crank up the volume :)

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My cock is awake!

Well the title says it all lol I was horny all morning and after a swim in the pool, I decided to jack off. That picture was right before it, when I was getting hard. Some of you guys have been asking for pictures of my dick, but I’m still not completely comfortable with the idea so that picture will have to do for now :) So what do you think? Small, average or big? :) The tattoo on my hand is the sign of the “Scorpio”, just in case you were wondering.

Zack and Derek from College Boy Physicals

It’s been a while since I posted an episode from, so let’s post one today. When I saw this video this morning, I thought that Zack looked like someone familiar, and then it hit me, he kinda looks like Ian Somerhalder, the actor from LOST and more recently, The Vampire Diaries. Don’t you think that Zack could be Ian’s little brother or something? I think so. Anyway, They’re both fucking hot hehe Oh did I mention that Zack has an uncut cock? It’s fucking hot cos I love uncut dicks. I myself am uncut and if I could suck myself off, I so would lol It’s a pretty good episode; it has some kissing, sucking, jacking off, enough for me to get off this morning :) Check out this video preview below or Watch the FULL EPISODE on College Boy Physicals for only $1.00

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Straight Boys like to spank too!

Happy Monday guys. Are you ready for this week? I am. I got a bunch of banners for Broke Straight Boys to make for my boss so that’s what I’m gonna do this week. And also, update my blog of course :) I’m starting this week with a bang, really! This episode has a lot of things going on: humor, spanking, rimming, sucking, fucking, so I had to post it on This log is Gay to show you guys. In the past months, I received a few emails from guys wanting to see some spanking, so there you go, and I hope you enjoy. Bobby and Jason are such cuties and I always enjoy their videos. Some members said they felt bad for Bobby getting fucked, I’m not! lol He got fucked and got paid for it. Watch the FULL episode @ Broke Straight Boys for $1.00


Watch the video below.

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