Broke Straight Boys celebrates the 1000th episode with an orgy

Broke Straight Boys celebrates the 1000th episode with a hot orgy! This is definitely a big milestone for! 1000 scenes of straight guys fucking and sucking for money. I’ve worked for Broke Straight Boys since we shot the first episode back in 2007, and oh boy, we’ve come a long way! 7 years later, we finally got through a milestone, and what better way to celebrate such an accomplishment than with a hardcore orgy fuckfest. And words can hardly do this smokin’ hot orgy scene justice! I’m proud of being a part of this amazing website, so cheers to Broke Straight Boys and to another 1000 episodes :)


Broke Straight Boys celebrates the 1000th episode

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Broke Straight Boys: Damien gets it hard

Who doesn’t like a good fucking once in a while? I do! This is probably one of my favorite episode in a long time. I fucking love Spencer Todd, the short guy with the red hair. Not only is he hot, but he gives a mean fucking. He knows how to make a boy moan and I like that about him. I was surprised in Sonny too. By looking at him, I thought it’d be just ok, but actually, the straight boy likes to give it rough too. Now some of you may like it soft, I like it rough so that’s probably why I like this episode. Check out the preview I made below and see for yourself :) Broke Straight Boys is only $1 for 3 days.
Broke Straight Boys: Damien gets it hard

Broke Straight Boys: Damien gets it hard

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Romeo and Vadim Flip Fuck Raw

Hey guys, I hope you had a great week end. Mine was ok, nothing too exciting. I had posted a quick post a few weeks ago introducing our new guy from Russia, Vadim Black and today, I’m posting a new episode with him and Romeo James and this time, it’s a hot flip fuck! BAREBACK! (Don’t worry they were both tested prior to shooting for us). Vadim fucked a few guys before but never took it in the ass so we wanted our own Romeo to pop Vadim’s cherry. Quite frankly, I was only interested in seeing Vadim get fucked. I like Romeo but watching him get fucked was not in my priority. So here we go, Vadim got fucked for the first time for Broke Straight Boys and we’re very happy how it turned out; watch the video I made below, and let me know what you think ;)

Romeo & Vadim Flip Fuck Raw

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Watch out! Vadim Black is on Broke Straight Boys

Hot damn! I haven’t been that attracted to a guy in so long. Vadim Black is a new model from BrokeStraightBoys, and oh boy, everybody’s going super crazy about him. Vadim just shot his first solo video and it went live a few days ago on Broke Straight Boys. Members rated him a strong 4.56 out of 5. I personally gave him a 5. This sexy straight boy comes from Russia, he’s only 18 and loves brunettes. He says that he also loves to play sports, work out, be with friends, laugh and just be active in general. This is a great addition for Broke Straight Boys that’s for sure and I cannot wait to see him perform with another dude. Join Broke Straight Boys for only $1 to watch Vadim’s first video!

Broke Straight Boys Vadim Black

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Kissing, fucking, slapping… Hot threesome!

Hey guys, very hot threesome today on Broke Straight Boys! It features Johnny Forza, Romeo James and Ian Dempsey. In this video, Johnny fucks Romeo who fucks Ian. It’s one hot video! I particularly loved when Johnny was fucking Romeo and slapped him in the face, now that’s fucking hot to me (RUF!) A little slap never hurt anybody and it makes it more interesting to me at least :) I already jacked off once this morning but I think I’m gonna have to do it once again hehe. Click here to visit, one of the best gay porn site out there :)

Hot Threesome at Broke Straight Boys

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Cage rides Colby’s ass cowboy Style!

From the first time I saw Cage, I knew he had a wild side in him, and finally, in this new episode from, you can see a glimpse of it! Cage rides Colby’s ass really hard. He gets my cock really hard; I don’t know if it’s the tats, or the bad boy look, but he’s totally the type of guys I want to ride my ass. But for now, I guess I’ll just have to watch him in videos hehe. Cage sure did ride Colby’s ass though, and really good too, cowboy style yum! I really enjoyed this video and I hope you do too. If you ever have a dollar to spend, join for only $1, you will not regret it. :)

Broke Straight Boys Cage rides Colby

Cage and Colby are from

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Romeo fucks Ian bareback

Do you like bareback sex? If so, we have a brand new video on featuring Romeo James and Ian Dempsey. The 2 guys seemed to like each other and went straight for the lips. I love watching 2 hot dudes kissing before any hardcore sex, it just gives me a semi. Though I have days where I just want to see a guy destroy some ass, no kissing. Depends on my mood. I’m a scorpio after all :) It’s either very good, or VERY BAD! mmmm. Anyway, enjoy watching Romeo fuck Ian bareback in this video below and please support my blog by joining, it’s only $1 to join. I’d appreciate it, thanks :)

Broke Straight Boys: Romeo fucks Ian bareback

Romeo fucks Ian bareback!

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Johnny Forza fucks Skyler Daniels at Broke Straight Boys

Can Johnny Forza get any hotter? I find him so fucking hot. His body is just perfect (to me :), and one of my favorite moment in this video is when Skyler and Johnny kiss standing up, and Skyler grabs Johnny’s chest. That chest looks so good. It’s a very good video which is why I’m posting it on my blog. Skyler and Johnny are into each other which makes this episode really nice to watch. I like how Skyler sits on Johnny’s cock too, and the way the photographer filmed it makes you feel like like you were there (I wish!). Anyway, my roommates are out for a whole week so I’m gonna go enjoy myself a little :) Anybody in Dallas? heh See ya.

Broke Straight Boys: Johnny Forza and Skyler Daniels

Johnny Forza fucks Skyler Daniels

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Broke Straight Boys: Damien bounces on Blake’s cock

Blake Bennet and Damien Kyle are together in this Broke Straight Boys video. When this update begins, there are only stares and stroking. Blake and Damien are stroking their own tools, and looking to see what the other is carrying. The glances are furtive, like if they were embarrassed to be so interested in what the other might be packing. Damien Kyle’s got such a rocking body! I’m not counting a 6 but an 8 pack abs, and he looks really hot. I love this episode because of the bouncing!! Damien’s ass is completely spread out and jumping up and down on Blake’s cock and to me, it’s so fucking hot knowing that kyle is feeling every single inches of Blake’s rod. Bounce away Damien! Bounce away :) Watch the full video on

Broke Straight Boys: Damien bounces on Blake's cock

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Tristan, the mormon boy fucks Ian Dempsey

Hey guys, how is it going? I’ve been doing good. Just working my ass off lately. I’ve also re-done pretty much all the videos on my blog so that it’s easier for you guys to stream them on your mobiles. My videos were very slow to load before so hopefully you won’t have any problems anymore to watch them :) Today we got Tristan Stiles and Ian Dempsey from Broke Straight Boys. A good ole Mormon boy and a sexy fucker. Stiles grew up Mormon but now fucks for money lol That’s a nice trade I would say :) In this episode, you will notice a lot of kissing, tons of kissing. They kiss at the beginning of the video, after they suck, while fucking, after fucking… It’s like a tongue fest. Hey nothing wrong with it :) I like it.

Tristan, the mormon boy fucks Ian Dempsey

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