Chad gets it rough on Broke Straight Boys

We have another episode with Chad this morning on Chad is becoming a popular model on the site, everybody loves him including me. He has a very handsome face, smooth lean body and a nice cock too but not as nice as Darren’s dick. Now that’s a tool I’d like to put my mouth on but what attracts me to Darren the most is his rough side when he fucks. Totally my type. Don’t you like to have sometimes a guy that takes control? I do! And Darren likes to take control, and he sure did in this episode. He owned Chad’s ass and I really enjoyed watching this video. It even looks like Chad liked it really much, but if he didn’t, he sure took it like a champ! This video just came out this morning on BrokeStraightBoys so I can’t wait to see what our members have to say about it. Watch 680+ videos and join the fun on Broke Straight Boys. You can try the website for only $1 for 3 days :)


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Broke Straight Boys Bobby and Darren

Bobby cut his hair off? What’s all I’ve been hearing recently in the members area of Broke Straight Boys. Members have mixed feelings about it, some like the long hair, some prefer the short hair. Personally, it doesn’t matter to me cos he’s hot both ways. What do you think? In this episode, Bobby is with Darren. They already had a scene together a few months ago that was awesome so I’m glad to have them back again. Bobby is a hot little fucker and I like the way he fucks. It is a very good episode indeed. Click here to watch Bobby and Darren’s FULL episode.


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Straight boy farts while having sex

Ok guys, I apologize in advance for this post lol but I had to post it. I was working on our latest Broke Straight Boys episode featuring Bobby and Darren and in the middle of the fucking, I heard this weird noise. I’m pretty much sure I know what it is but I wanted to share it with you so you can judge by yourself. Crank up the volume :)

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Bobby says to Darren: Did you just spit on me?

Hey good morning guys. I just woke up, drinking coffee, listening to music (Stevie Nicks’ new CD) and also it’s not raining outside! What a change!!! With all that rain we got, the grass got really high, thank God I’m not the one mowing the grass today hehe We’re actually paying someone to do it and trust me, it’s well spent money lol Alright, I figure you don’t care about listening to my lawn problems so let’s get on with today’s episode, Bobby and Darren from Broke Straight Boys. I received numerous emails about Bobby and people wants to know if he’s going to do more. Well first, if you want to know, you can always join hehe :) but if you’re not, yes Bobby will do more and more :) Just in this episode alone, he gets his cock sucked and his ass eaten. This Bobby dude is just so fucking cute, one of my favorite part in the video (watch preview below) is when Darren spits on his asshole and Bobby is like “Did you just spit on me?“, it’s totally priceless to see lol Well at least it made me laugh. I hope you enjoy it :) Please if you like this preview below, join for $1.00 to watch all the full length videos :) Thanks.


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Broke Straight Boys Matt and Darren

Morning guys. What a frustrating morning! I’m trying to get the videos on to work on IPAD and it’s a pain in the ass!!!!!!! It was working fine yesterday but today it’s messed up and I can’t figure out why. I’m starting to hate that ipad shit. Grrrr. Anyway, I’m posting an episode today from BrokeStraightBoys and it features Matt and Darren. *Note to models: If you know you’re going to shoot a video, please don’t get burned lol, Darren looks like a tomato; his body is completely red except for his ass. Darren is bisexual, and you can tell how it suck on Matt’s cock :) Also Darren takes it up the ass like a champ so I can tell he’s been around the block ;) I like Matt, even with a beer belly. I enjoyed this video, so I’m sharing it with you guys. Click here to visit and join for only $1.


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