Zack and Derek from College Boy Physicals

It’s been a while since I posted an episode from, so let’s post one today. When I saw this video this morning, I thought that Zack looked like someone familiar, and then it hit me, he kinda looks like Ian Somerhalder, the actor from LOST and more recently, The Vampire Diaries. Don’t you think that Zack could be Ian’s little brother or something? I think so. Anyway, They’re both fucking hot hehe Oh did I mention that Zack has an uncut cock? It’s fucking hot cos I love uncut dicks. I myself am uncut and if I could suck myself off, I so would lol It’s a pretty good episode; it has some kissing, sucking, jacking off, enough for me to get off this morning :) Check out this video preview below or Watch the FULL EPISODE on College Boy Physicals for only $1.00

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Tyler, Derek and Corey at Broke Straight Boys

Well well well, It’s been so long since I last posted a video :( Sorry guys, I got so much to do at work that it’s really hard to post anything nowadays. We got HUGE plans for Broke Straight Boys. First, HD is coming on March 31st!!!!! YAY finally! I’m very excited about it. Our members are all excited too. I already watched some Broke Straight Boys HD videos and I’m really impressed. Anyway, meanwhile, here is a video of Tyler, Derek and Corey. Very colorful “palette” today; Tyler is bi, Derek is straight and Corey is gay :) So enjoy this video and don’t forget to join the best website EVER!! :) hehe CLICK HERE to join Broke Straight Boys, it’s only $1.


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Click here to Join Broke Straight Boys.
The membership is only $1 :)

BSB in Phoenix, AZ

Our boys were in Phoenix on July 11th to promote It was at BS West club for Drag Wars, an all day/night event where drag queens from all over compete in silly competitions :) We had our Broke Straight Boys, Derek and Alec there, oil wrestling hehe I heard it was extremely hot.

BSB in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Austin, Derek, Danny and Tyler are at Johnny’s in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They had so much fun that night. The show host was a pretty cool drag queen and she sure made our boys work hard for the money lol I’m posting below a video preview and a few pictures. Enjoy…
I have a few posts of Danny and Austin in action. You can check them out here: Danny and Austin

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