Jimmy pounds Jake’s ass on Broke Straight Boys

Happy Easter everybody! Spring has sprung and with spring comes Easter eggs, candy, and rabbits. Speaking of rabbits here are two straight boys who fuck like bunnies: Jimmy and Jake from Broke Straight Boys. Jake is a newbie, and he’s very nervous in this video but Jimmy puts him at ease really fast. Jake takes it like a trooper and Jimmy is eager to give it to him. It’s a very hot episode, and I sure am going to miss Jimmy. (This is one of his last videos). But hopefully he’ll come back someday if members ask for him. Enjoy this video and treat yourself, join BrokeStraightBoys.com today for $1 for 3 days :)


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Bobby gets fucked on Broke Straight Boys

Hey guys, I’m finally back. I haven’t posted anything in a while because I needed to take a small break. I had been working non stop for a while and I guess I needed to stop and start enjoying life outside porn :) Lots of things happened those past months. We got a new puppy! A Golden Retriever who’s a handful I’m telling you lol But I love her, I might post some pictures of her later. Anyway, you’re probably here to watch some porn so let’s get to it :) This is Jimmy and Bobby from our site Broke Straight Boys. Jimmy has always been one of my favorites and boy I’d like to get my hand on his cock lol Bobby is so much fun too! I’m posting a video (see below) where you can see Bobby “howling” as Jimmy’s cock penetrates his ass, it’s funny to watch lol It’s a fun and hot episode and the 2 boys seem to have great chemistry. I hope we get to see them together again soon :) Watch this video preview I made below and Join Broke Straight Boys and watch 1000+ videos. You can try the website for only $1 for 3 days :)


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Jimmy and Drake fucks Jamie on Broke Straight Boys

We have a hot 3 way on BrokeStraightBoys.com today. My boy Jimmy and Drake fucks Jamie. I always say that straight guys wear the stupidest underwear and in this episode, we get to see a hot pink one lol Oh boy! Anyway, I had fun watching this video because for one, the 3 straight boys have a great chemistry and it really shows in this episode and then Jimmy’s “alpha make” side comes out and I like that! I mean yeah it’s all for fun but it still gave me hard on. I have to admit that I didn’t care for Drake when I first saw him last week but now, I find him really sweet and funny and I enjoy him. He’s a good guy. As for Jamie, he’s such a bottom lol Always talks tough but likes it rough :) I hope you enjoy this video below that I made and please support us by joining Broke Straight Boys for only $1.00


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Jimmy pounds Anthony’s ass on Broke Straight Boys

Hey guys, I hope you’re having a great week end. Mine is alright, still hurting from my surgery but it’s getting there. Anyway, you’re probably more interested in talking about porn so here is an episode that could be one of my favorites. I’ve been a fan of Jimmy from the beginning and even though some members say that he doesn’t progress quick in his videos, to me, he does. Jimmy was so shy a few months ago but now that he shot a few episodes for us, you can tell he’s more playful with other models. In this episode, Jimmy is paired up with Anthony, our new boy, and Jimmy made sure Anthony was relaxed and I thought it was kinda of cool for him to do that. All through out the video, Jimmy kept asking Anthony is he was ok. That’s not my favorite part though, some of you may know me well already, and I like it dirty and rough, so when Jimmy started pounding Anthony’s tight ass, that’s when “little Steve” woke up… You know what I mean :) I made a video preview for you to watch with some of the hottest moments so watch it and let me know what you think: steve@thisblogisgay.com. Have a good evening :) Join Broke Straight Boys for only $1.00


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Jimmy fucks Colin on BrokeStraightBoys

Hi guys, Steve here in pain :( I had surgery yesterday, and so far, the pain killers don’t work too much today. I’ll probably take it easy this week end and just watch tv. Anyway, I really wanted to update my blog today so here is our latest video from BrokeStraightBoys.com. Jimmy gets to fuck Colin. I believe it’s Colin’s second time getting fucked and still not getting used to it. I felt bad for him for a minute (well 2 seconds really), because he really looks like he’s in so much pain but hey, no pain, no gain right? At least, he’s getting paid for it. Have you seen Colin’s abs? God damn, I wish mine were like his! Alright guys, gotta go but I hope you enjoy the preview I made below. Peace out. Watch the FULL episode @ Broke Straight Boys.


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Broke Straight Boys: Jimmy and Mick

Hey guys, Steve here. I hope you guys are doing awesome. I’m doing good actually, except that I can’t wait for winter. It’s been 100+ degrees here everyday for the past month and it’s starting to get annoying. There is this stray cat that comes everyday so I feed him food, but I feel bad for him in this heat :( I can’t take him in because of the dogs. I give him cold water, I even put ice in the water lol I hope it makes a difference for him. Anyway, I’m posting this new episode from Broke Straight Boys with Jimmy and Mick. Mick is getting a real fan club in my members area. Members are going crazy about him and I can understand why :) Personally, Jimmy is more my type, so I’m a “team” Jimmy :) It’s actually, I believe, the first episode where Jimmy sucks a cock, I work with some much porn that I can’t remember lol But here it is, Jimmy sucks Mick’s dick and fuck his tight hole. Enjoy, I gotta go :) Watch the FULL episode when you join Broke Straight Boys.


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Broke Straight Boys: Jimmy fucks Tony

Man, I’m loving the new straight boys on BrokeStraightBoys.com more and more. I think we improved so much and the quality of our guys is superb. Jimmy, my new favorite straight boy, is just so hot and our members are starting to love him too. Jimmy got a rough start with our members cos he’s very much straight, has a girlfriend (a real one) and he’s a bit cocky at times so he can come off really arrogant but he’s really not, he’s a really nice guy, and I’m glad members get to see him for what he really is. Anyway, Jimmy’s fucking hot (we got that), but Tony is pretty handsome too. Different caliber, more of the twink-ish type which is ok. When I look at Tony, it’s obvious to me who’s gonna get fucked lol And I like it that way, cos Jimmy is a good fucker. One of my favorite part of this episode is when Jimmy does pushups and Tony takes it in his mouth. It’s hot and I got hard just thinking of Tony gagging on Jimmy’s fucking cock. Well, I hope you enjoy this preview below and that you join BrokeStraightBoys.com to view the whole video :)


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Jimmy fucks Brett on Broke Straight Boys

I’ve got a huge hard-on right now, any volunteer :) I also need to get me some dick soon before I turned into a virgin again lol I guess for now, a video from Broke Straight Boys will do it. Here’s Jimmy and Brett in this hot episode. Isn’t Jimmy fucking hot? He’s improved a lot since his first shoot for us back in April, and I gotta say I’m proud of him. He’s got to be the straightest man I’ve seen on our site in a while and I like it :) Though Clay, our photographer, have a hard time with Jimmy sometimes lol but in the end, he always gets him to do stuff for us, and today, we got him to fuck Brett. I like Brett too, he is kinda cute I guess, I wouldn’t mind tearing his asshole in half (That didn’t sound good lol) Anyway, I gotta get back to work so enjoy this video below. Join BrokeStraightBoys.com for $1.00 to watch the full length videos :) Later guys.


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BrokeStraightBoys: Jimmy is back with Jamie

Man I Love Jimmy. He has this “all American” look that I really like. He’s one of my favorite Straight boy on BrokeStraightBoys.com. This episode just went live in the member area minutes ago, and I’m already posting it here! Damn I’m good lol Seriously, I just wanted to share it with you guys cos I know some of you have been asking for more videos of Jimmy, so here he is. Jimmy has shot several videos for us now and you can tell he’s getting more comfortable around the other dudes. In this episode, Jamie is servicing Jimmy, and it looks like someone’s enjoying it :) Alright, so watch the video below if you want, and enjoy :) I’m thinking on redesigning this blog today but it’s a big task so not sure if I really want to do that now. Maybe after another cup of coffee :) See ya guys. You can watch the full video of Jimmy and Jamie here


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Broke Straight Boys presents Jimmy

Last night, we finally launched the new episodes on Broke Straight Boys. It features Jimmy, HOT straight guy from Florida. I gotta say I love his straight attitude, and mostly when he says “fuck no!” which often results to “alright for $50″ lol This boy has a nice body that comes with a pretty nice cock too :) Jimmy has a girlfriend (for real!), but money talks to Jimmy… a lot, that’s the reason why he’s trying out gay porn. For him, jacking off next to a guy is not like cheating with another girl. That’s fine with me. How about fucking a guy’s ass Jimmy? lol Is that cheating for you? hehe I really dig this dude and I can’t wait to show our member the next episode with him and 2 other guys. For now, this is Jimmy’s first video so let’s focus on him :) Check him out and judge for yourself? Hot or NOT? Click here to JOIN BrokeStraightBoys.com for only $1


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