Broke Straight Boys Preston, Mike and Jordan

I FUCKING love this episode. After designing hundreds of porn sites, I don’t get hard that easily. Things have to be really interesting for me to even get a “semi”, but this episode got my dick so hard. The guys are hot and the setting got me interested right away. I’m a voyeur, I love to watch! and in this video, Mike is sitting on a chair, watching Jordan fucking Preston. This turns me on but it’s not all, Jordan turned into a fucking machine and tore Preston’s ass apart. You gotta watch it, I put it in the preview below. If this doesn’t make you horny, I don’t get it :) Click here to visit Broke Straight Boys.


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Jordan fucks Giovanni at Broke Straight Boys

Good evening guys, how was your week end? Mine was actually fine, even though I worked quite a bit, I still found some time to enjoy myself. I just watched our newest update today at Broke Straight Boys, “Jordan and Giovanni” and I thought I’d post it for you guys. We had these 2 guys a few months ago but they only did a blowjob scene. Though today, they’re back for more action. Jordan fucks Giovanni! I really like Jordan and he impresses me a lot! He kinda look like a goofball, but he sure ain’t a goof when he fucks. I like to call him “lil’ Daddy” lol He really takes control over the bottom and I really love that. I’ve been making porn websites for quite a few years now and well I don’t get hard quite easy anymore lol but this episode got my cock up as soon as Jordan started talking dirty. Check the video below :)



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New: Broke College Boys with Aaron, jordan and Justin

I am very proud this morning to show you our new website Broke College Boys. I have been working on it for the past 4 months and I gotta say, it’s been quite interesting. This is our very first website with HD content and I’m very excited about it. Design wise, it has been a challenge for me and I had to redo the designs 3 times, just because I didn’t like what I had done at first, but now I’m very satisfied with the final product :) This first preview is with Aaron, Jordan and Justin. Very attracted guys. It was Justin’s birthday that day so we decided to make it a birthday shoot hehe Why not start a new site with a big bang. So here you go, I really hope you like the design. You can always email me and let me know what you think about it :) Steve (at)

Broke College Boys Aaron, Jordan and Justin

Broke Colelge Boys Aaron, Jordan and Justin

Broke College Boys

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Broke Straight Boys Giovanni and Jordan’s first blowjob

We have a hot college student in this episode with Jordan :) He’s straight and has a girlfriend. We paired him up with Giovanni who is gay and a big fan of Broke Straight Boys. We asked Jordan if he would take it up the ass but he said he wasn’t comfortable with the idea. I think both guys are pretty good looking with very nice bodies. Now I would really like to see curly hair Jordan get fucked in the ass, that’d be something to see. I’m usually not into young looking guys but this one turns me on.


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Exclusive: Our new website Broke College Boys

Aaron, Justin and JordanI love HD quality. That new website I created called Broke College Boys has some very nice videos. This one features yummy Aaron, Justin and Jordan. It’s actually Justin’s 20th birthday and I see a cake on the kitchen counter so I kinda know what’s gonna happen lol.

Right now they’re chatting about random stuff. I’ll skip all that, if you want to know, just join the site. Anyway, blah blah blah… Oops, Aaron dropped the cake on Justin. lol I told you something was gonna happen hehe. Now the cake is all over Justin’s torso and belly. Aaron is actually rubbing it all with his hands and mouth, yummy hot. I think that food can actually be very interesting in sex sometimes.

We’re only 4 minutes in, and they’re still in the kitchen, eating the cake off Justin’s body. Very sensual. A few minutes later, Justin is sitting on the kitchen counter and Aaron and Jordan are sucking his dick. Everybody is starting to get really messy with all that cake everywhere lol

Justin is getting on the floor, ouch the video is getting dark, turn on the light! lol
Ok we’re good now. They’re all on the kitchen floor, rubbing each other’s bodies. I’m getting a hard on. All that mess is turning me on. Aaron is eating Justin’s ass now. This guy is having an awesome birthday! I wish I had birthdays like this! At this point, there is a lot of sucking, kissing, and ass eating.

When we roll into the 9 min zone, they are still on the floor. Aaron is starting to fuck Justin. You can see that some cake is still sticking to Justin’s ass. FUCK FUCK! Can you imagine fucking a hole with all that cake coming in and out. Fuck, I’m throbbing now. Aaron is a good fucker. I’d let him do me in a heartbeat, though i would do him too… flip flop YAY baby!

The fucking is getting even more intense. Oh ok, now we have a fucking train! Aaron is pounding Jordan who is fucking Justin on the floor. It’s like a pile of fucking! There is a nice shot from the back too! It’s awesome… all those balls slapping each other’s ass. Damn Aaron is fucking Jordan so GOOD!
That cake is just getting me so excited. I’ve had my cock out for a few minutes now, and typing while stroking is really hard to do! lol Anyway, I’m getting close, I need to finish.

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Aaron, Justin and Jordan

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Straight Boys Stephen and Jordan

Sometimes I like to see a young guy take control and fuck. When I saw Jordan (guy with curly hair), there was something about him. Maybe the hair, or the body, or a combination of both, he’s definitely a hot fucker. Stephen has a submissive bottom look lol You can tell by just looking at him that he’ll be the one getting fucked. It was Jordan’s first time fucking a guy and I’m so fucking glad it happened on our website Broke Straight


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