$1 trial Broke Straight Boys – Bobby and Kevin

Hey guys, Steve here and working as usual. I wanted to post something from our website College Boy Physicals but I decided to show our latest video from Broke Straight Boys instead. It features Bobby and Kevin. I know a lot of you love Bobby, the reason why I wanted to show this episode today. Kevin is alright, he’s cute, got a big cock, nice body. Bobby is so much better with his short hair. I mentioned a few times that I’m not into long hair so I’m glad he chopped it off. There is a lot going on in this video: jacking off, sucking, fucking (flip flop :), rimming and I’m probably forgetting some. It’s a cool video, nothing to complain at all. Click here to watch Bobby and Kevin’s FULL video + 1000 other episodes for only $1.


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Kevin fucks Mark on BrokeStraightBoys.com

Howdy guys, how are y’all doing? Damn, I sounded like a cowboy for a second hehe Mondays are a bitch! I have a full week ahead and not looking forward to it. I have to change the video previews on the front page of BrokeStraightBoys.com and I kinda have an idea of what to display but editing videos is a pain in the butt. Oh well, at least it’ll show people some of our newest guys, so it’s a good thing. Anyway, today I’m posting Kevin and Mark from Broke Straight Boys. I gotta admit that when I first saw the pictures of Kevin and Mark, I was not “that” excited. I mean yeah they’re fine, but I thought the episode was gonna suck to tell you the truth. Well it didn’t and I was very surprised. It actually gave me a nice hard on. Kevin and Mark’s chemistry was on the money and Kevin’s dick is quite nice. The fucking was awesome, Kevin’s a dirty talker so he got a “B+” from me :) As for Mark, he sure took it like a champ, what a good straight bitch :) I hope you enjoy this video I made for you below. Gotta work now, later dudes. Visit Broke Straight Boys.com


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Sam, Reed and Kevin from Broke Straight Boys

What are you guys doing this week end? Me and a few friends are going to watch “planet of the apes” tomorrow, I hope it’s good. I’ll let you know :) Other than that, I don’t think I have anything else planned. I’m posting our latest episode from Broke Straight Boys. It’s a hot 3 way featuring 3 new straighties: Sam, Kevin and Reed. Sam is not photogenic at all, our photographer had the hardest time with him. In more than 20 pictures, Sam had his eyes half closed which resulted in weird ass pictures lol. But oh well, I don’t think people are interested in pictures anyway so it doesn’t matter hehe What matters is the hot sex on video :) Kevin is very cute I think, and he sure sucked a lot in this episode. I made this preview below so please check it out. Watch the FULL episode @ Broke Straight Boys.


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College Boy Physicals: Kevin’s anal exam

Howdy guys, I received a few emails about last week’s pool video and thank you, I knew you guys were gonna love it :) Today I’m switching to College Boy Physicals. Here is our newest episode with Kevin. He’s a hot boy and figured you would enjoy him. He’s a 22 years old gay dude from Ohio who likes to play World of Warcraft. I can’t say anything about it cos I used to be addicted to that PC game :) Soooo, enjoy this preview and if you want to Watch the FULL EPISODE, Click here to join College Boy Physicals for only $1.00
College boy physicals Kevin

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College boy physicals KevinCollege boy physicals Kevin

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College boy physicals Kevin

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Broke Straight Boys orgy + Blooper

Hey guys, how was your week end? We had a couple of friends over on Saturday and we had a blast in the pool. On Sunday, I just worked some and watched TV cos it was way too hot outside. Anyway, I’m posting today our latest update from BrokeStraightBoys.com: ORGY with Kevin, JJ, Mike and Leon. JJ is funny to me, I don’t know what he smokes, but he’s “out there” lol So today we got 4 hot guys ready to suck, and fuck of course. It’s actually going to be Kevin’s first time of getting fucked. I added a “blooper” that didn’t make the cut so it’s EXCLUSIVE, only for my blog :) Enjoy this episode. Broke Straight Boys membership is ONLY $1.00 for 3 days.


Here’s the blooper. Kevin’s first time getting fucked and you can tell how tight he was LOL

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A member pays $500 to get fucked by Broke Straight Boys

For the first time on BrokeStraightBoys.com, we allowed a member to come and get fucked by one of our guys! Yep that’s right :) For months Dylan was been lurking the Broke Straight Boys Forums inside the members area , and one day, he sent us an email asking if he could pay Diesal and Kevin $500 each to fuck him. We didn’t see why not so we invited him and here is the video :) I gotta say, I’ve always been a fan of Diesal and in this video, he get more more aggressive and I’m loving it! This member got a good raping, that’s for sure :)
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JJ and Kevin from Broke Straight Boys

Hello everybody, I hope your week end was good. Mine was nice, mostly spent it in the pool :) Let’s start this week with a hot new update. This episode is from BrokeStraightBoys.com and just came out today in the members area. It is with Kevin and JJ, hot damn those boys are hot! Even though JJ is missing a tooth lol, I still find him very attractive. As for Kevin, he’s got a hot lean body, mmmm! Anyway, they’re together today for an oral video. Y’all know I don’t care for videos with just cock sucking going on but these 2 guys are just 2 hot and we can’t ignore them :) So here you go, watch Kevin’s mushroom cock being suckedJOIN broke straight boys FOR $1 for 3 days.


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3 way with Kevin, Ridge and Nathan

This is the latest update from Broke Straight Boys, a hot 3way with Kevin, Ridge and Nathan. First of all, Nathan! WTF were you thinking man? In this episode, he’s wearing an underwear that could be used for a Pampers ad LMAO Sorry but that’s a very lame underwear for a straight guy(?). Stop having your mom pick them up for you and be a man. Anyway, they’re still fucking hot, and if I had to choose, I’d pick Ridge (middle guy) I think. He looks like he could be a lot of fun. Nathan gets fucked, and RIDGE gets fucked too :) Check the video preview I made below.


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