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Mike’s back on, and this time we paired him up with Binx. I’m usually not into twinks, but these 2 boys are cute and I’m a sucker for big cocks so I had to post this episode. Mike’s got a nice one :) Big cock with big loads! Binx is a handsome guy and you can tell he was loving Mike’s thick dick. In this video, Binx sucks Mike’s tool till he gets a nice facial. And what a facial! Oh boy. Mike unloaded everything he got on Binx’s face, a nice creamy juice and it was hot to watch. I can’t wait to watch Binx taking the load in his ass! Watch this full video on College Boy Physicals for only $1.00

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Broke Straight Boys orgy + Blooper

Hey guys, how was your week end? We had a couple of friends over on Saturday and we had a blast in the pool. On Sunday, I just worked some and watched TV cos it was way too hot outside. Anyway, I’m posting today our latest update from ORGY with Kevin, JJ, Mike and Leon. JJ is funny to me, I don’t know what he smokes, but he’s “out there” lol So today we got 4 hot guys ready to suck, and fuck of course. It’s actually going to be Kevin’s first time of getting fucked. I added a “blooper” that didn’t make the cut so it’s EXCLUSIVE, only for my blog :) Enjoy this episode. Broke Straight Boys membership is ONLY $1.00 for 3 days.


Here’s the blooper. Kevin’s first time getting fucked and you can tell how tight he was LOL

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Mike and JJ from BrokeStraightBoys

Hello guys, I hope you are all doing fine. I haven’t posted in a long time because I was busy with work, and also, I was working on redesigning the blog. Do you like it by the way? Be sure to let me know please :) Today I’m posting Mike and JJ, hot new episode that just came out today on This episode is fun, has some dirty talk (I love it), some good money… It’s a good episode to watch. Mike has a huge fan database, so I’m sure members will be pleased with this video. Become a member! It’s only $1.00 to join. CLICK HERE TO VISIT broke straight boys.


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Cousins fuck straight boy on Broke Straight Boys

Steve Paris holding coffee cupHowdy guys, it’s Monday and I’m scared of it hehe Mondays are usually a bitch so I’m getting ready for it with a tall coffee cup. My week end was alright, worked for the most part and watched some tv. Do you guys watch that Christie Alley show? I know it’s a bit stupid but I enjoy it lol I didn’t know she was funny like that. I like her. Anyway, today I’m posting an episode with our famous cousins Anthony and Mike. Have you seen Anthony’s chest? I just want to cum all over the little bit of hair that he has, it’s so hot lol Our straight boys get to fuck Steven, a new straight guy on Broke Straight Boys. Steven looks dirty to me, like he needs to take a shower or 2, I don’t know lol Still, I enjoyed this episode. Any episodes with the cousins are totally fun so you shouldn’t miss them :) CLICK HERE TO JOIN broke straight boys FOR $1.


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Cousins Mike and Anthony on Broke Straight Boys

Anthony and Mike, the cousins are back on Broke Straight Boys!!!! That’s an episode you cannot miss. Not only they’re back on our famous futon, but they do it all: Kissing, Sucking, Rimming and Fucking. NO TABOO, these cousins just do it all. It works for me cos I gotta admit, this turns me on :) I never noticed before how big Mike’s cock is. Anthony’s hairy chest is hot as well. I enjoyed this video very much and I’m glad these 2 are back on BSB (Broke Straight Boys), so here’s a little preview, enjoy it :)  Click here to Watch the cousins on ($1 Exclusive TRIAL)


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Broke Straight Boys Preston, Mike and Jordan

I FUCKING love this episode. After designing hundreds of porn sites, I don’t get hard that easily. Things have to be really interesting for me to even get a “semi”, but this episode got my dick so hard. The guys are hot and the setting got me interested right away. I’m a voyeur, I love to watch! and in this video, Mike is sitting on a chair, watching Jordan fucking Preston. This turns me on but it’s not all, Jordan turned into a fucking machine and tore Preston’s ass apart. You gotta watch it, I put it in the preview below. If this doesn’t make you horny, I don’t get it :) Click here to visit Broke Straight Boys.


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Chasen, Mike and Michael at Broke Straight Boys

Hey guys, how was your week end? I spent mine working on a new site, can’t mention the name yet hehe Today was very busy too, but  the day is almost over and I can’t wait to go to bed :) So here is the episode for today: Chasen, Mike and Michael. It just came out in the members area today too. Chasen is our new straight boy, he’s got a thick cock and I wouldn’t mind getting a taste of it hehe He has a very masculine look, and the tats are pretty hot too. Mike and Michael are cool  and they sure make this episode pretty fun.


WHO gets fucked?
Check out the video preview to find out :)

I was a little silly when I made that preview and I added some sound effect, the videos inside the members area doesn’t have sound effect so don’t worry lol I figure it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want :) hehe Anyway, enjoy this video.


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Broke Straight Boys’ cousins are back!

Cousins actually fucking each other on Broke Straight Boys? lol yep, it looks like it. They’re actually distant cousins but still. I don’t know about you, but I find it hot. My voyeur side came out for this one. They’re not the hottest guys ever, but the idea of cousins fucking each other just turns me on. Trust me, if i had a hot cousin, I’d be trying really hard too lol If you are curious and want to check out this full movie, here’s a link to Broke Straight


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