Conner fucks Scott on Broke Straight Boys

It’s Monday and this is going to be one hell of a week, I feel it. How are you guys doing? I’ve been working on Broke Straight Boys all morning and decided to take a break to update thisblogisgay. I never thought I was into red hair but since we got Conner on our site, I can say that dudes with red hair get my dick hard :) So today I’m posting a video of this boy. Conner gets to fuck some virgin ass, Scott. 2 hot guys doing the dirty, this should be very interesting. Scott’s packing a good 8 inches and very thick and I can’t wait to see him pound some straight boy’s ass. Watch the video I made below and enjoy :) Ok, back to work… See ya guys.



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Scott, Leon and Ryan on Broke Straight Boys

Hey guys, I hope you have a nice week end. I just finished eating and now I’m back to work but I thought I’d post an episode from Broke Straight Boys before I get too busy. About 3 years ago, we had this straight guy, Ryan who did a few episodes for us. He’s now back 3 years later and oh boy, his appearance change. I can’t say if it’s for the better or for worse so I’ll let you judge (See before/after picture below). Anyway, this episode is really fun to watch. These 3 guys have great chemistry together and they make this video really enjoyable. Out of the 3, I think Ryan’s got the cutest body! His toned chest is very hot to me. Watch the video and let me know what you think by posting comments :) Ok I gotta go back to work, have a nice day. Our website Broke Straight Boys membership starts at $1 for 3 days. Click here to check it out. Later guys :)

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Scott and Tyler from Broke Straight Boys

Argghhh I woke up an hour ago and I’m still so tired that I want to go back to bed, but I can’t because I got lots of things to work on. I’m posting this new video of Scott and Tyler from Broke Straight Boys. Finally David, our photographer is giving our straight boys a hard time :) What the fuck is with these grandpa underwear???? Is this what young guys like nowadays? I mean seriously? Or is this a “straight” thing? I just don’t get it. How can someone look at these undies and be like “Oh yeah I’m gonna look so sexy in them, yummy”? LOL I guess I’ll never get it. Anyway, I’m glad David pointed it out and made fun of him lol It sucks cos Scott is one hell of a hot guy, and I would love to see him in some hot and tight briefs. Oh well, Enjoy this video and again if you want to watch the FULL LENGTH video. Join Broke Straight Boys for ONLY $1.00.


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New Boy Scott at Broke Straight Boys

Morning guys, it’s early here, 7.20am and I’m posting already… WOW! :) I figured I would post early so you guys can enjoy this HOT new boy SCOTT from Broke Straight Boys :) He’s a red hair and so damn cute. He started with us with a solo shoot. He’s very shy so we didn’t want to scare him off with some other models. He did really well and so far, members absolutely love him. A few days ago, he came back and shot a scene with Tyler. The chemistry was really high, I’m telling you and I even think our hot Tyler got the hots for Scott lol Who can blame him hehe. And yeah, sorry guys, no videos for Scott, you have to join Broke Straight Boys to see him in action. I’m so cruel hehe but I hope you’ll still love me :) JOIN broke straight boys FOR $1 if you want to see more of Scott.


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Broke Straight Boys Caleb and Scott

Hey guys, it’s Saturday!! sweeeeet. Well actually not sure why I’m saying this cos I gotta work this week end hehe. Yesterday we got a storm here in Dallas, and we lost power from 4am to 6pm :( I didn’t have the car either so it was a day from hell. no TV, no computer, no light, nothing, 88 degrees inside the house and of course all by myself, I thought I was gonna go crazy. We do rely on electricity, it’s unbelievable. So today I got lots of work to do. Anyway, Here is a little preview of our newest episode, Broke Straight Boys Caleb and Scott. At first, when I saw Caleb, I didn’t care for him too much, but once he got undressed and saw his body, I actually changed my mind. A bit hairy, nice body shape, I’d let him do me hehe. Now Scott is very cute, and I’m sure all you tops would like to get your hands on him lol Anyway, this is a very nice episode, fun interview, good fucking and ass slapping. Enjoy…


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