I need caffeine!

Good morning. I just woke up, made a coffee and watching the news for a bit before I start working on banners for brokestraightboys. I’m so not motivated this morning and its freaking cold outside. Cheers.

I need caffeine!

I’m finally back!

Hi guys, I’m back :) It’s been such a long time since I posted anything. I had to take a couple of months off because taking care of the blog was taking a lot of my work time and I just couldn’t do it all. But now that summer is here, I’m finally all caught up with work and therefore I can start posting new posts, and I’m very glad about it. First I’d like for you to be able to add me on Facebook. This is my personal page and you’re welcome to add me if you want to :) I hope you guys are enjoying your summer!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/steve.paris.12

My cock is awake!

Well the title says it all lol I was horny all morning and after a swim in the pool, I decided to jack off. That picture was right before it, when I was getting hard. Some of you guys have been asking for pictures of my dick, but I’m still not completely comfortable with the idea so that picture will have to do for now :) So what do you think? Small, average or big? :) The tattoo on my hand is the sign of the “Scorpio”, just in case you were wondering.

Thank you for checking out my blog :)

Hello everybody :) For the past 2 years, I’ve received a lot of emails from people all over the world. I have to admit, it’s really overwhelming. When I started this blog 2 years ago, I just wanted to create a place when I could showcase all the models from our sites: BrokeStraightBoys.com, CollegeDudes.com, CollegeBoyPhysicals.com and BoyGusher.com. I just love my job and I love working for all those websites, and I guess I just wanted to share with everybody cos I really believe we have some amazing websites. Not at one point I thought this blog was going to become popular and I greatly appreciate it really much. All those warm emails from people I don’t even know makes me feel good about myself, and so, I wanted to thank you all for checking out ThisBlogisGay.com and thank you sooo much for your kind emails :)

Do I look like Jason Statham?

Hey guys, it’s snowing here! We got 4 inches of snow here in Dallas, TX and it’s really unusual. I’m loving it and so do my dogs :) OK, I have a question to ask you guys. For the past 2 years, I’ve had several people telling me I look like the actor Jason Statham and quite frankly, I just don’t see it… at all. I wish I was as hot as him! What do you think? Do we look alike a little? Could he be my Daddy? hehe

Happy New Year!

Hello everybody. I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year with all kinds of good stuff for 2011, but most of all, a very good health and then some good and safe sex :) My Holidays went well here, just nothing super exciting. I simply spent it with my ex boyfriend, his boyfriend and our doggies. Trust me, it’s not THAT complicated lol My resolutions for this year (again) is to exercise more (me love some muscles :), and get ThisBlogIsGay.com to the next level :)

Anyway, 2010 was awesome for me. ThisBlogisGay.com got even more successful than 2009, so many people visit it now on a regular basis and I can’t thank them enough :) SO hopefully 2011 will even be better.
Thank you all, and Happy New Year :)


My new pictures

Hey guys, How’s it going? I’m doing awesome! My family came to visit me for 10 days and they just left a few days ago. We had a very very good time and it felt really good to see them again. It felt good to be away from the computer too :) Today I shot some new pictures of me cos it had been a while. I turned 36 years old 2 weeks ago so I’m getting old, I’d better start taking as many pictures I can now before it’s too late LOL Also I was a bit horny so the last set of pictures I took showed a lot and I had to censure a bit. I don’t feel comfortable showing my dick online… YET :) I’ll start posting some new videos soon too! We got a lot of new guys on Broke Straight Boys that I need to show you :) Later guys
Me, Steve Paris from ThisBlogisGay.com

Broke Straight Boys $1 trial

Don’t ever put a “fake” tattoo on your face lol It might hurt when you try to peel it off :) Just letting you know. Oh well, here is a little video I just did. I’ll use it to promote our #1 website: Broke Straight Boys :)


All I can say is “ouch!” lol took me a few minutes of scrubbing :( My face was all red. Thinking about it now, I should have put it on my butt lol

Broke Straight Boys is ONLY $1

My first 2010 dip in the new pool

Hey guys, it is HOT out here in Texas! 102 today. I worked on banners all morning , then ate lunch and decided to jump in the pool. We bought that “epool” thingy for our pool and it’s been working great. It actually tells you if you need to add chemicals in the pool and how much, that’s pretty neat. It also tells you the water temperature and as you can see in the picture below, the water is pretty warm, 92 degrees :) My friends are out of town for a week so I had to jump in alone. It was nice and relaxing and I still had fun :) We had the pool replastered months ago so it felt good to jump in a clean pool. I took a few pictures (of course!) and I’m posting them below.

Seriously, BrokeStraightBoys is only $1.00 :)

OMG! BrokeStraightBoys is only $1? hehe I was bored so I made a little video of myself promoting our site BrokeStraightBoys. I believe it’s my first one on my blog so don’t make fun of me hehe Silly me! :) If you have any questions regarding our sites, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help you out :)

Steve Paris - This Blog Is Gay

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